Reviews by JURGMANDR


A Return to Form for Splinter Cell.

JURGMANDR | Sept. 14, 2013 | Review of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Blacklist (Capsule) (NA)

I was super mad when Ironside got replaced as Sam Fisher, but I honestly quit caring about an hour into the game because the gameplay was so damn good (the story was enthralling as well). The story was well paced and kept me playing for hours at a time. The side missions are very entertaining as well (especially Kobin's missions where you have to subdue/eliminate whole swaths of enemies without being detected). I chose to play most missions either ghost or panther style, which excluding a few setpiece moments is a very viable option. There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore (pipes to climb, vents to hide in, sewers to crawl through) as either style. If you missed the verticality of the older games, it's back. Conviction was a fun game, but didn't have quite as much stealth as Splinter Cell fans wanted. This game does. The melee kills/knockouts are really fun (like always) and the new killing in motion concept was pretty damn cool. TLDR: It was polished, controls really well, told a great story, and scratches a stealth junkie's itch. Uplay is kind of and I had some troubles with it, but I turned it to offline mode and no problems since.


Unrelenting and Brutal. Not a game for casual FPS fans.

JURGMANDR | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Rising Storm

First off, this is not a game for people who can't stand not having a killcam. You will die and you will most likely have no idea where the shots came from. It's an extremely well done expansion pack if you were a fan of Red Orchestra 2, but for noobies it's a very hard pill to swallow. You can't really run and gun (since running around generally gets you killed). The weapons are all very powerful, few weapons require more than 3 shots to kill someone, which makes moving from cover to cover even more paramount. The minimap will drive noobs crazy at first (since it's damn near impossible to tell where the objectives are on certain maps) but eventually you'll get it. There are generally limited slots for roles like snipers (so you don't end up with whole teams of them like what happens in BF3 or BFBC2 from time to time). Like most hardcore team based games, if your team isn't communicating/playing well together, be prepared for both an ass-whooping and a lot of grinding. Good tactics and good teamwork will always win. When the game is in your favor it's an intense and entertaining game.


Entertaining in short bursts.

JURGMANDR | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

I first heard about this game 3 years ago and was excited by the prospect of a good action-rpg in the LOTR universe. It's basically a brawler with light RPG elements (skill trees, randomized loot, stats that affect your build). It tries to use a conversation wheel but it really doesn't affect the story or gameplay in anyway (most conversations just give you some extra backstory or ambiance). The keyboard and mouse controls are very solid and work surprisingly well for a brawler wit the ability to chain attacks quite easily. The AI isn't completely retarded, since they actively use their special abilities/healing and even picking you up if you're downed (which is something Gears of War 1+ 2 should've had but never did ;_; ) The biggest problem with combat is the same 3-5 kill animations repeating for your weapons ad nauseam (although it is quite hilarious to chop an orc's legs off with a club) The story is ok, the voice acting is pretty solid overall, though the textures and graphics are kind of muddy. TLDR : It's an enjoyable game for LOTR fans (mostly because of the lore/backstories you can find out) though the combat is satisfying but repetitive


Gloriously gory fun.

JURGMANDR | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

It's basically like an FPS version of Mount and Blade but with decapitations and limb removal. There's a good amount of weapons to use ranging from the formidable claymore to the lowly cudgel , with 4 classes (Archer, Man-at-Arms, Knight and Vanguard). The melee combat is quite fun with the ability to feint, sidestep, block adding some depth to fighting. Many people play as vanguards due to their good range, speed and health (not to mention their awesome sprint attack) though as people play more they tend to be Man-at Arms (due to their ridiculous harassment capabilities). It's an intense exciting game to play with friends or even by yourself. I highly recommend it if you enjoy multiplayer mayhem.


A compelling adventure.

JURGMANDR | July 16, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider

This isn't a game, this is a movie. A really fun movie to watch and play. If you're not a fan of QTEs there are quite a few in here. This game does so many things right. It has a great soundtrack and is a very beautiful game. The combat is very gritty and brutal (the executions are downright ghoulish at times), the cover system is well done (no button presses necessary, just get close and she'll take cover), the music is great, the acrobatics feel natural, but the best thing in the game imo is the level design. It's a Dark Souls esque vibe where the world is littered with bonfires (save points/fast travel points) and many parts of the levels are multi-tiered. The tombs are cool though I wish there were wayyy more tombs to explore, since they were my favorite part of the game.


A fantastic game all around.

JURGMANDR | July 16, 2013 | Review of Dishonored

This game drips atmosphere and ambiance. The art style and the level design are fantastic. It's like foggy Victorian London had a baby with some arcane/steampunk ideas. The story is well done, with pretty good voice acting all throughout. The side missions and little tidbits of lore really flesh out the world though. There's usually a lot of little nooks and crannies to explore for bone charms and other helpful collectibles along with those tidbits of lore/ background stories. The controls are buttery smooth, the combat is well done with a lot of options if you don't want to play solely non-lethal. You'll always have multiple options for a given scenario (a la system shock 2, bioshock, Deus Ex). There are some fun possibilities like teleporting up to a rooftop, dropping down on a guard, possessing another and then summoning a rat swarm to devour your former host.

A polished well honed experience that is well worth your time.