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Lara or Croft

JZiggy1986 | May 24, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Steam Overflow 2 - PC

I was never a big fan of the Tomb Raider series back in the day. I must admit though, I played it. But something about this duel pistol wielding, big-boobed, bad-ass woman just didn't click with me. On the other hand, my friends were drooling all over Lara Croft's pixelated body. Fast forward to 2013, and boy, have things changed, and I have come around to liking Lara actually. I like Lara, but not so much the Croft side of her, and that's where the game is leading you to rather quick. Lara Croft is this innocent and inexperienced young women on a journey, and things start going wrong pretty quickly. We all understand that humans adapt quickly when faced with adversity, but it feels a bit forced with Lara. One minute she is alone, cold, and terrified, the next she is butchering animals and wielding Kalashnikov's, and counting heads by the dozens. The developers wanted to show this Lara Craft that we haven't seen before, yet they take you to the woman we are all accustomed to back in the day. They had a great opportunity to prolong and tell a longer story of this inexperienced young women, but unfortunately, she grows up too quickly. This is the biggest flaw I saw with this game. The overall graphical and technical presentation is spot on. The game looks phenomenal on the PC, and many times, I just stood there to observe the environment. It looks stunning. Lara Croft moves and behaves like a human, and it feels very natural. The cover system is dynamic and works great. When you get to a spot that can be used for cover, Lara moves and ducks accordingly. No more "Cover Button". Works great. The AI has plenty of conversation and they generally try to stop you. Higher Difficulty levels present bigger challenges, but overall, you cant complain about the AI too much. The story is intriguing, and I felt that I needed to find out more as the game progressed. Why these tombs? Who are these men trying to stop me? What is all this paranormal activity that is going on? As Max Payne would say, "I had to push on". Weapon customization works, with several layers. Its not in depth, but works great with this game and setting. There is tombs to explore and loot, treasures around the island to find, and other bonuses to unlock. However, I didn't find myself trying to find all the stuff scattered all over the place. If something sparkled on my screen, ill run to it. That's about it. Overall, this game is highly recommended. Its a good enough story to keep you playing, and you will be awed by the visuals and audio. The campaign lasted me around 15hrs, which is a lot more than what we generally get these days. There is a multyplayer component to it, but I haven't touched it as I view this game as primarily a singleplayer experience. Lara, you captured my Heart.