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Choose your champion and win the race!

JackFive | July 26, 2011 | Review of SBK X Superbike World Championship - PC

The problem of sport is that every year, "the players" change team. In this way, every year, the game of that year will be old the next year. But what is the real problem on sport games? The game is always the same every year, some change on graphics, some new stuff and here there is the "new Sport Game 3000". Fortunately it is not the case of SBK X. In fact the game offer good stuff, like the Evolving Track, the two different mode (Arcade and Simulation), a new carreer like a pilot, the improvement of the AI. I don't recommend SBK X only for one reason, SBK 2011 has the the same price.


Some new missions

JackFive | July 26, 2011 | Review of Mafia II DLC Jimmys Vendetta - PC

This DLC isn't totally useless like the others, but it adds new missions, Yes, at the end of this DLC we will be bored about the repetitivity and we will not totally satisfied, but it's something different that will add some hours on the game. I recommend it only to the fan of the game however.



JackFive | July 26, 2011 | Review of Mafia II DLC War Hero Pack - PC

This is the worst DLC of the game. Military vehicle and suits that are in extremely contrast with the style and the atmosphere of the game. Buy this DLC only if you want something different, but I don't recommend it.


Nice but useless

JackFive | July 26, 2011 | Review of Mafia II DLC Vegas Pack - PC

This is the DLC (about the add of new cars and suits) who I prefer. I like one car and one suit of this DLC, but I don't agree with the amount of useless DLC. They could put all this stuff directly on the game. I recommend to buy this DLC when it will cost less, or when it will be on discount. It isn't a great loss if you don't buy it.


Only the idea is worth the purchase

JackFive | June 30, 2011 | Review of Magicka Vietnam DLC - PC

Magicka Vietnam is a parody of Bad Company 2 (like you see on the cover), but in general, a parody of the film war. This DLC is simply composed by 2 Challenge maps and funny moments who will keep you bonded to the game alone, or with your friends. Definitely a worthed DLC!


Pity for the many bugs

JackFive | June 30, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

In my opinion, this game is really good, it’s a revolution of the classic hack 'n' slash. In fact, we decide what magic we need, combining 8 elements. The story is funny and it isn’t boring. Unfortunately, a lot of bugs undermine the game. At the beginning, Magicka was unplayable, but now the situation is better, thanks to the "Paradox guys" who patch constantly the game. However there is still now some drop of fps with no sense. With the new introduction of the PvP, this game is a must buy.


One of the best platformer of the last years

JackFive | June 27, 2011 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

This game is so epic, that I bought it again to gift to my friend. Only one thing is necessary, patience. In fact you will die over and over in the same level, maybe for the same thing, or maybe for other causes, that the run before, you passed with no problem. So, you love this game, or you hate this game. The control are so simple, immediate and precise, that your fault will be only yours, and you will be angry only with you. With the last update, SMB became infinite. A lot of levels making by normal people will keep you for hours in front of the screen, to play SMB. If you love indie games, if you love games, you need to buy SMB.


This game needs some patch

JackFive | June 8, 2011 | Review of Whirlwind Over Vietnam - PC

This game combines two things that I love, Vietnam and Helicopters. I bought it principally for this, because it’s a event more unique than rare find them in a single game. The last game about Vietnam who I adored, was Vietcong. I still love that game, and I desired that Whirlwind Over Vietnam was at least a good game, but unfortunately, it isn’t completely. When we start the game, we are ready for the mission, driving our trusty helicopter. But there is a problem, how the hell you ride the helicopter? There isn't a tutorial that explains the buttons and the maneuvers required to drive it. We will have to discover by themselves what to do. This could discourage many to leave the game immediately. We can use however the autopilot, to make this easier, but it works so badly that we will not ever use it. I recommend to play this game with a gamepad or better, a cloche. It is quite impossible be able to pilot the helicopter with the keyboard. Missions are long and sometimes boring, because we spend a lot of time all over the map, flying from one area to another, doing nothing. But the biggest problem, what “destroy” the game, are the performance problems. I tried with my old and my new PC, but there are however almost the same problems. Long loading, unexpected crash, drop of FPS, bugs that force to reload the mission to be completed. Concluding, this is not a game for everyone. You must dedicate a lot of time before you can have fun. And despite everything, you could stop playing because of the many problems that has this game.



JackFive | June 8, 2011 | Review of ER Mania - PC

Definitely one of the worst game of its kind I've played. This game is totally bad. The graphics, the animations, the gameplay and the sound are really awful. We must do the same thing all the time, ie cure patients, but without some kind of change that makes the game different, really really repetitive. I don’t recommend this game to anyone.


Great mix

JackFive | June 7, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

There isn’t difference between the single and the multiplayer mode, both follow the same story. The purpose of the game is simple and extremely repetitive. During all the game, we must accept the missions by different people and, running all over the map, to get to the prefixed point. So, I suggest to do it in multiplayer with one or more friends and talk to them during the game. What saves the game are definitely the DLC contents. Some are really good, and the last, “Claptrap's New Robot Revolution” is the only who continues the story. I recommend to buy this game, with all the DLC, because the style of the game will keep you stuck for many hours of play.


Becomes the best wine producer of all world

JackFive | June 5, 2011 | Review of Winemaker Extraordinaire - PC

You play as a young Italian lady, who returns to Italy for take care of the family vineyard. Making progress in the game, you will unlock new locations in a lot of countries, so you will extend your variety of wine acquiring new wineries, you will increase the harvest and then you will make more money. To increase the duration of the game, and to vary the gameplay, there are three different mini-games, who will affect the quality of the wine, depending on how you play them more or less well. The story is good, but it is short. Also the characters are good, there will be a tab for each of them to know them. The game is simple and it is focused only on the wine and its preparation, but a complex system about price, wine quality etc, will not bore you.


Rather boring

JackFive | June 4, 2011 | Review of WWI Aces of the Sky - PC

The game is very simple and it is suitable for who search an arcade game, not a simulative game. The controls are simple and immediate, but however there is a good tutorial who help who have problems. The flying experience doesn’t completely satisfy, it sounds too "fake". The levels are too similar to each other. You have certain objectives, that gradually become monotonous and repetitive, so it's really easy to get bored quickly. There are a lot of games better than this, so I recommend to let go this and move on.


Promotional racing

JackFive | June 3, 2011 | Review of UAZ Racing 4x4 - PC

I was skeptical about this game, especially because UAZ Racing may seem like a promotional games. But I wanted to give a chance to play this game and I had to change my mind. Certainly not perfect, there are better games, but not completely bad. What sets this game apart is the presence of game modes never seen before. All races will be held off-road, there isn't the slightest presence of roads. I really like the environment. roam free in the jungle is really satisfying and impressive. The races are mostly daytime but sometimes at night or in heavy rain which also affects the grip. Unfortunately, the game contains only four cars. So this is a huge point against. The graphics are functional, although not in any way it is ugly. The sound is excellent with grumbling low-speed engines, transmissions and cool Russian rock music. The presence of more cars would have definitely helped the game, so I recommend to buy when it will cost less.


Trucks simulator

JackFive | June 3, 2011 | Review of Hard Truck 2 - PC

The strong points of the game are the variety of trucks, the sound and the soundtrack. Twenty and more truck, each with own sound, helps surely to empathize us in the game and find variety to continue the game, otherwise repetitive. The graphics isn’t so good, now looks old. The landscape is really bad, full of pixeling. I recommend to try this game if you like trucks or do you want try to drive something different.


Better than the previous

JackFive | June 3, 2011 | Review of AIM 2 - PC

This second chapter continues the story began in AIM, in fact it begins in the area where we ended the first adventure. This chapter relies heavily on the war between the clans of the various factions, as all seek to dominate but to date there has been a perfect balance. The main change is that we also this time can organize our own clan, and must be strong enough and stable even in the economic sphere, so that the members of our team does not decide to give up halfway. Another new feature is that you can also conquer buildings, and as we grow ever stronger, we can take control of a whole area. If the first chapter, the money was used only to update the ship, now the money has several uses, which, in my opinion, makes the game more interesting. We have to pay to move from one area to another or convince other artificial intelligence to be in our clan. Another improvement that I appreciated is the difficulty in fighting. If the first chapter was pretty easy to destroy enemy spacecraft, now our opponents will move a bit mad, making things a little difficult and not only, if we were to attack a ship that has allies in the area, we will meet soon with 3-4 enemies to face. I preferred this chapter a little more, I have not heard the initial monotony I had experienced with the first chapter.


A film directed badly

JackFive | June 3, 2011 | Review of Skyscraper - PC

Good plot, it is like a movie, but it doesn't distract attention from the many flaws of this game, like an AI almost non-existent, an old and ugly graphics and some bugs which affect the gaming experience. If you can continue playing, despite numerous flaws, take it, otherwise move on.


Nothing special

JackFive | June 2, 2011 | Review of The First Templar - PC

The First Templar is basically an hack’n’slash, but it has also a very small GDR component: finding hidden objects around the map or gaining experience in combat, you will unlock equipments, life, strength or weapons. In the game there are also small puzzle game, but really basic, like "unlock the door" or "lower that bridge". The gameplay behind the game puts us in control of two characters at a time. I recommend to play with a friend, since the AI of the partner isn’t the highest level, in fact, will happen several times that he will die in idiotic ways possible. But luckily, there will not be gameover until we will not be both killed. The different types of enemies, will force us to implement different tactics to knock them down. Colored icons will warn us about the blow launched by the enemy, so we will have the time to shield or dodge it.The graphics, considering that the game was released about a month, it is ugly. The effects, like fire or smoke, are ridiculous. There are some beautiful environments, but it is not surprising that much. Not even for the music the game shines. The story behind the game is fascinating and full of surprises, we must find the Holy Grail during the Crusades. So, if you don’t look for the graphics at all costs, I recommend it, but at a lower price.


The White House

JackFive | June 2, 2011 | Review of Hidden Mysteries The White House - PC

The purpose of the game is always the same, finding hidden items and solves puzzles. But this time, we are inside the White House, when Lincoln was president. So we move in the Oval Office, and others room. This game can enjoy to some, but many will find it, after a bit, boring.


Same game

JackFive | June 2, 2011 | Review of Dawn of Magic 2 - PC

Dawn of Magic 2 is an atypical hack’n’slash, focusing much more attention to the magic component and the various possibilities given by the inventory and character growth. In fact, the game allows actions such as trade, crafting, alchemy, and many more. The graphics are not anything exceptional, but the graphics engine is very lightweight. Grossly inadequate in the combat system that is inaccurate and chaotic. There isn’t significant improvement or novelty compared to the first chapter, so if you did not like DoM, you will not like this either.


Co-op strategy

JackFive | June 2, 2011 | Review of War Operations - PC

It isn’t a bad game. Thanks to co-op mode I really enjoyed this game with my friend. The purpose of the game is simple, but the way to proceed is difficult. In fact we need to rescue a lot of hostages, infiltrating in the enemy territory. If you want to play solo, I recommend the Commandos saga, otherwise this is a good alternative, despite the bad graphics.


Take care of your pony

JackFive | June 2, 2011 | Review of Pony Luv - PC

If you've ever dreamed of owning your own horse, I recommend you to buy Pony Luv. It isn’t perfect, first of all the graphics, but if you take this game lightly, it can give you a lot of fun. Over time you will be bored of the monotony gameplay, however I recommend you to buy it when will be a discount.