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My Game of the Year 2012

JakeG92 | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of Spec Ops: The Line

I have just finished replaying this game and it's just cemented it firmly within my top 5 games of all time! At first I bought it on PlayStation 3 as a way to boost my trophy count... but it turned into the biggest surprise of my gaming life!

You follow a group of soldiers who have been sent to Dubai to find another soldier who is MIA. You find Dubai in complete ruin, and are dragged kicking and screaming through hell on earth! The interesting thing is that the actually gameplay and controllers are not that great. They are just standard 3rd person shooter controls.

Where this game shines like a diamond in the rough however, is it's story. You go through thinking, "Hmm, another CoD...", but then some weird things start to happen and before you know it, you're witnessing some of the best story telling in video game history.

What is rather annoying is now I have to play every military shooter that ever comes out just in case it is one of the best games ever, just like this one!

The multiplayer is very much throwaway... just play the game for a second time on Fubar difficulty (good luck) and make the other choices that you didn't one your first way through (that's right, different endings too!!!).

I amazed me that Yager (the devs) managed to capture the subject matter of PTSD so well.

Honestly, purchase this game and you will never be sorry. I wish I had of paid full price purely because the devs deserve every single penny!

As I've already said, one of my favorite games of all time is right here on this page... buy it... it's astonishingly amazing!


More excellence

JakeG92 | Jan. 17, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Telltale outdid themselves again! They made the perfect little link between Season 1 and Season 2. With no Clementine or the rest of the gang in this part, it follows a few random people's stories from different periods of time during the zombie apocalypse. Even though they are only a few short stories, you actually care about the characters.

I hope that they are involved in the second season in some way!

This is 100% worth the money... played it about 4 times to see as many of the story combinations as possible!

Get this!