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Jakob91 | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Here's a game that goes all the way without compromise, for best and worst and most of the time, it's really good. Your name is Rico, and your mission is simple: engender chaos. This game reminds a lot 80s action movie where the hero blows everything up. Because of the open world à-la-GTA, the gameplay might feel a little shallow and loose, maybe mostly because this game is made to be played with a gamepad, in fact I highly recommend playing this game with a gamepad not because it's more precise, just because this is a console game after all. The graphics are holding up pretty good, the game is cheap and fun but the best thing about Just Cause 2 is the newly added multiplayer. This will give you hours of crazy mindless fun in a world of diversity. B+


one of the best arcade game on pc

Jakob91 | Feb. 8, 2014 | Review of Sonic and SEGA AllStars Racing Transformed - PC

I enjoyed mario kart when I was younger but got bored over the years with the next games being more of the same. I bought Sonic Racing Transformed on sale and was amazingly surprised how good the gameplay is. The game has a lot of depth for an arcade racing game and the level design is for most tracks, superb. You can transformed as the name says and it helps keeping the game fresh. The light in the game is very well done and you won't suffer any lag on a middle ware machine. The soundtrack consist of various remix of previous Sega games in history and some of them as very well done. I suggest you play the game using an xbox360 controller or any other controller as long as you configure it properly (icons are 360 buttons and can be confusing if using another controller). Amazing game for the price, especially when it's on sale. Grab it.