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A Different Step in Guild Wars

Jangle | May 23, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA (1) - PC

First, I came from finishing all of GW1, and I loved that game. Now that I've played through GW2, I think I can give a pretty accurate review of it. Let's start. GW2 has an amazing achievements system that allows the players to gain chunks of experience over the lifetime of their accounts and daily/weekly. If you complete all your daily/weekly/etc, you can get exp, money, or items. This is one mechanic that separates it from the competition because the system works so well. Quests are a little different than in GW1. GW2 quests are usually seen on your map, and when you complete the objectives, you don't have to run back to the giver in order to receive the rewards which is nice. The in-game market I would say is both good and bad. First, players can sell almost anything they want for almost any price they wish. There are a couple downsides to this though. One thing I hate about the market is that it is very hard to make ANY gold crafting anything because people will craft top level items and sell them for cheaper than the materials required to build them. Really one of the only ways to make money in the market is to farm a certain good for almost forever OR find/craft a legendary or something unique to sell. So basically, players cannot play the market and make money almost at all. If they can, the profits are almost nothing. PVE - has a decent story. Some missions are a pain, especially if you aren't playing with friends. Armor ratings and protections level up with the creatures so it seems that no matter when you get upgraded armor, enemies do the same proportional damage so it seems you never get any stronger. I also won't ruin the last mission for anyone, but I was very disappointed with the boss fight. Anyone who played through it will know exactly what I mean. PVP - The PVP in GW2 is questionable. On one hand, it is pretty fun when you are playing with friends, BUT there is only like 1 map for PVP, so it gets VERY repetitive. Also, since this game allows enemy players to see where you are casting a spell, you can almost dodge every single AOE spell in the game with ease, so that's very lame. Player Customization - this is probably my least favorite part of the game. GW1 allowed a player to choose 1 main class and a secondary class, which allowed them to choose from thousands of different combinations of skills and strategies. In GW2, every player has almost the same skills available, so it looks like everyone is using the same skills as everyone else. Classes have very few skills to choose from compared to GW1, and you can only have 1 class. So, this game removes a lot of strategy and customization from the first game, probably to appeal to new MMO players and the more casual player instead of a niche/hardcore player base. Graphics - the graphics in GW2 are pretty good. It's an upgrade from GW1 definitely. From when I played last though, SLI/Crossfire was still not optimized at all so people who built mult-card systems for this game, saw no boost in performance. They should probably work on that. All in all, it's a pretty good game. I would like to see them add a ton more skills/classes/strategies, remove AOE sights, and add some of the more hardcore elements from GW1. It appeals to a more broad/casual range of players, which was probably to get more new players interested in the game.


Same Dead Island - Different Strategies

Jangle | May 23, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Riptide Standard - PC

So in Dead Island, most of the combat is melee, and when you finally get guns, they weren't that good against zombies. You also didn't get headshots almost ever. Riptide gives you guns very early on in the game, and now there are headshots on almost every shot. This game seems to be more of the typical guns and zombies game with some rpg elements. The story is ok at best. The graphics are almost exactly the same as the first. I enjoyed the first DI better because it made you feel like you were scrounging for bullets and weapons. It gave it a more survival feeling to it. Riptide almost eliminates that fear of survival by giving you many more guns early that are able to one-shot almost all zombies. Riptide was still pretty good if you liked the first DI, but melee is much much less used and guns are very deadly and prevalent early.