Reviews by Javas


Well done Frozenbyte, well done

Javas | Oct. 25, 2012 | Review of Trine - PC

Once upon time I got Trine as a birthday present via Steam. I had no idea what it was but once I launched the game I was pleasantly suprised. Set in a fantasy themed Kingdom which is about to be overrun by an army of undead, you control three characters which unique abilities, the Thief, the warrior and the wizard. To overcome the undead as well as the platform puzzles and terrain you gotta switch between these characters to progress. For instance, the wizard can summon a crate which you can jump on and proceed over a cliff. The graphics of this game is amazing! The world is colorful, the physics engine does a really good job and the soundtrack is amazing. The difficulty isnt that hard at all, but the game is fun anyway becouse the atmosphere grabs a hold of you. If you are into platforming adventure games, this is a must have. If you like the game, Trine 2 is avalible and believe it or not....but its even more beutiful!


Deus Ex finally continues!

Javas | Oct. 21, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

As a prequel to the series, Human Revolution is set in the year of 2027. Human Augmentation is the new trend, lots of people want it while others despise it and want to put and end to it. You are Adam Jensen, a security officer working at Sarif Industries, a company which create augmentations as well as working with military defence contracts. One unfortunate evening at the office, a strange force attacks and leaves Jensen badly wounded, in order to save his life, Sarif augments him with highly lethal augmentations which in the prossess makes him more dangerous to his enemies. Having discovered his true potential, Jensen now sets out on a journey to discover the truth and to rescue his ex girlfriend who was kidnapped in the attack. First of all, the intro blew my mind. The atmosphere was fantastic, the gameplay was fun and the story got interesting almost immidiately. The gameplay mixes the shooter genre with roleplaying elements, such as selectable dialogue in conversations along with weapon customization and inventory, along with customizable weapons and augments, which offers a variation of tactics. The AI is not the best one, and I found the game to be very easy even on the hardest difficulty. But that didnt matter to me, the game was fun from the beginning to the end and as soon as I finished it, I started the "The Missing Link" DLC. The game took me about 27 hours to complete when I did all the side missions. I recommend this game to everyone who is a fan of shooters and RPG´s. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is by my standards one of the best games of 2011 and I doubt you will get dissapointed if you buy it.



Javas | Oct. 21, 2012 | Review of Velvet Assassin - PC

I was suprised by this game, during the release I only saw low ratings for this game, but once I finally played it myself I really enjoyed myself. Set in the feverish dreams of O.S.S. agent Violette Summer, you experience past missions of World War II. Violette is not the super soldier we are used to play as, instead she is fragile and silent. You spend most of the time sneaking around darkness and shadows, trying to fulfill your mission objectives and eliminating Nazi guards standing in your way. What really suprises me with this game is the extremely dark atmosphere and the difficulty. Although the game isnt hard, you´ll find yourself in sticky situations which sometimes kills you, so there is a challenge thankfully. The game consists of twelve missions, each took me about one hour each to complete, taking my time when I snuck around in the darkness. The missions manages to feel interesting, yet a bit depressing due to its dark nature, but it just boosts the atmosphere of this game. If you like Splinter Cell you will probably like this game, it uses more melee stealth kills but has silenced weapons if you can find them. Overall I´d say this is an underrated game and its really worth the current price of 8$