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From a huge fan of the trilogy

Jeremayhem | April 10, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 3 N7 Digital Deluxe NA Origin - PC

I've played all the mass effect games and beaten them several times (on insanity mode no less!) So I know quite a bit when it comes to these games. Now despite what a lot of people say about the ending this game is fantastic. Is it better than the second one? In my opinion, I don't think so but it's still really great. I think the main problem most people had with the games ending was just that. The game ended! I don't think there would be anyway they could have ended this game without upsetting people because man these games are so great I don't think anyone wanted to see them end. I will however say this, I was not 100% satisfied with the ending of vanilla ME3 but the extended cut really does go a long way to smooth things out. I was really pleased with the ending I got for my shepard with the extended cut and thought it was really, really awesome! I won't spoil anything but I thought the control ending was very neat. And of course all of the neat bonuses are also awesome like shepard's hoodie for one. In conclusion I'd say this, if you've never played mass effect trilogy before now is the time to do so. And don't listen to the negative hype of this game. It's great just in my opinion not the greatest of the 3. It's sad to see the end of such an amazing video game trilogy but still highly recommended game


A great deal! And an even greater game!

Jeremayhem | April 10, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

I never was crazy about the bioshock games but listening to all the buzz about this one I caved in and gave it a shot. The game is amazing. The little easter eggs scattered throughout the game are a hoot. The action is top notch and the graphics are beautifully done. I don't even have an amazing PC but this game still looks great on low graphics. Getting the cash or credit back is a very nice cherry on the top also! Superb game and awesome deal. Highly recommend it