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A nice take on the Noire setting.

JesusIsMyLordy | July 17, 2014 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

I really enjoyed Mafia II for what it was. A noire crime epic that has it down from the accents of the characters to the detail put into the entire city. The graphics (on PC) are pretty great (with a few low textures here and there) especially since, just like it's advertised, takes advantage of PhysX by NVIDIA. The gameplay was alright, one major problem that everyone else has talked about to death also is the linearity, it would be great if there was a bunch to do in your stay in Little Italy like play some pool, grab a drink with some women at your stay, perform hitman operations at the side, favors from people, being a vigilante, that sort of stuff which is one thing that this game lacks. Though I did hear that Joe's Adventure does have a sandbox mode which sort of resembles a free roam mode that's completely missing from the base game. And even when you try to free roam (I'm the type that loves to go around killing bystanders and such), when you die, you have to start from the mission checkpoint, that's how linear it is, no hospital, no police station, no nothing. The gunplay + the cover mechanic does it job, no problems thus far. The driving in this game is pretty realistic which isn't my cup of tea, I prefer the fun, arcade style driving controls which is another thing this game lacks. With its two driving modes (normal and simulation) they don't seem to have an arcade mode otherwise this game would be really comfy to play. There's also somewhat realistic cop control meaning that if you speed in like a 60 MPH zone and such, the police will go after you and give you a ticket or you could refuse and go into a high speed chase. If you hit the policemen's car, you get arrested, no questions asked. The soundtrack is very good, in my honest opinion, captures the 1940s/1950s very well and I find myself always turning on the radio when entering a vehicle or resting at my apartment. Lasting Appeal: (Without the DLC) I didn't find myself a reason to play back again since this game doesn't encourage you, nor let you, free roam this beautiful world that 2K Czech created. Maybe with the DLC I'm probably going to purchase soon, I might find more enjoyment, though I've read that many of the story DLC are very short. I should give the first Mafia a shot when I ever have the chance. Let's hope the rumored Mafia III fixes these issues.


Perhaps my all-time favorite crime game

JesusIsMyLordy | April 22, 2014 | Review of Sleeping Dogs (1) - PC

This game quite possibly surpassed GTA San Andreas for the best crime game I have ever played. Pros: -Great Vehicular Gunplay -Interesting Main Missions -The Motorcycles -Martial Combat -Parkour Cons: -Mouse Lag is still somewhat present -Lack of Motorcycles -DLC isn't very interesting. -Somewhat hit-or-miss, inaccurate physics with on-foot gunplay or just gunplay in general.