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A Splendid Sandbox

Jim_Pickens | Aug. 5, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

Whether you're playing singleplayer or multiplayer, you're sure to enjoy this crazy open-world shooter. It's Saints Row but much more realistic (but still nowhere close to complete realism). Compared to previous games in the series, it's graphically superior. You can do missions or you can just wreck havoc with the game's assortment of weapons and vehicles. But when you need a friend to help you in your destruction, multiplayer is the way to play. Although it requires Games for Windows Live, it wasn't enough to stop me from teaming up with some friends to do anything in the huge city that our hearts desire. The game isn't perfect, though; it has its fair share of bugs. It's strange, but bugs, known for beings cons and negatively affecting your gameplay, can add fun to this game! That's right, even the game's negative parts can be positives! Whatever you want to do, with friends or not, you can accomplish it in the insanely large city of Grand Theft Auto IV