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Made for co-op

JinPT | June 29, 2011 | Review of Magicka - PC

This has a good concept, but there's not much in the technical department. Still, this is surely one of the most fun games I ever played on co-op. There are some annoying bugs, bug in the end you're playing and laughing a lot with your friends. The spell combinations are fun, and you have to adapt to each situation and enemies. You can combine up to 5 elemental spells, by yourself, or combine with your friend's, crossing the rays. There's also pre made combinations, called magicks, you'll earn through out the adventure mode. You can play Adventure, Challenge or Versus (PvP, which was introduced recently). The story is also very funny, filled with jokes, and a little of dark humour. In summary, if you have one or more friends to play with, buy this game right now, don't e hesitate, if you intend to play alone, it can still be fun, but be sure to get it at a discount.