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A Great Experience

JishJashJosh | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

The floating city of Columbia is a joy to explore. This is due to Columbia aesthetically perfect. All the tiny details make the world seem like a real place. It's a shame that not everything else within the game fits together which such cohesion. Vigors, which replace the plasmids of the first two games, grant the player powerful abilities. Though these completely brake from the immersion of the experience as they do not fit within the right-winged, religious setting of Columbia. The acceptance and the creation of the Vigors is never explained and are completely tacked on so the game can be seen as a Bioshock sequel. Though the inclusion makes the gameplay more interesting. Elizabeth is a wonderful character who you will truly care about and is also helpful as she aids you in combat and other activities. It's a shame that other NPCs are not the same. The characters that you come across in the street have a set phrase of dialogue when you approach them and then will continue to completely ignore your presence. This, for me, is another area in which the world falls apart. Though apart from these criticisms the game as a whole is fantastic. It's not perfect but you could spend your money on a lot worse.