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Great Technology, Boring Missions

Jman522 | Oct. 31, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto IV Steam - PC

Where to start? The graphics style, physics, and AI all come together to create a world that seems to be running on it's own independent of the player. I bring that up because I think that's what hooked me in. There really is nothing like traveling about in Liberty city. Stealing the vehicles of innocent citizens in broad daylight and going off on a psychopathic rampage. And yes, that is basically the traditional formula for playing GTA when not in missions. But the physics and AI take it to a whole new level. It is quite difficult to describe, but the life like movements and responses of pedestrians are quite the treat. But let's move on. GTA4 is really a game that you play for the sandbox mode. The missions are horribly rinse repeat, travel to point A, travel to point B, Kill/Steal/Find, escape the cops, get paid. This isn't to say this type of gameplay isn't ever fun, but it's done in a very bland way. Perhaps it has to do with the "just survive" or "make it by" theme of the game. Just labor through the this tasks and hope to make it to tomorrow. I won't go much further into that as to not spoil the story. Beside the lackluster missions, GTA really is a series that you come for the sandbox mode. And that really does compensate for the areas where the game is lacking, so keep that in mind when starting the game.