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Great Multiplayer, Mediocre Campaign

JoeKikAss | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Battlefield 3 NA Origin (1) - PC

I had gotten this game for both PS3 and PC with intention on playing multiplayer on PS3 and Campaign on PC, I ended up playing both on PC and loved it. The Campaign has a good story line compared to that of Bad Company 1 and 2 and the graphics are a huge jump in. The Campaign looks fantastic compared to other BF games (Except BF4). The real jewel to the game is the multiplayer, there is a large array of maps to play on and each map has it's own advantage for players using different kits. Battlefield games are never disappointing in that perspective, Multiplayer Battlefield has always out gunned Call Of Duty in my opinion. The biggest thing that is Dice is doing that some people are not a fan off, to play multiplayer you have to use your internet browser to search the servers. They are basically forcing the Battlelog upon players with this. There of tons of weapons with attachments to choose from, again each with their own advantages depending on your play style. I did not like the PC controls however, they're just seemed to be more of them compared to other games which caused a bit of confusion with my left hand unless you have a keyboard with macros the controls are sort of... off. Aside from that it's another great game from Dice


A Fantastic Adventure/RPG!

JoeKikAss | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Pack - PC

I had gotten this game in 2 variants, the PSVita and the PC versions, both are amazing. The PC Version has about the same graphics as the vita, they both look fairly cartoony with a lot of realistic detail. It was a choice by the developers obviously and it worked out perfectly, it was almost like it was comic book graphics brought to real life, I loved it. The story line has got to be the greatest, throughout the entire game you are tasked with choosing your destiny, whether you want to stay with one group, save this person over that person, tell the true or lie, it was sort of Fallout/Skyrim like in that sense. Giving the player the ability to choose their own destiny gave the game a very interesting twist on it. I never really like the Walking Dead TV series, actually I hated it past season 2, but the game is NOTHING like that, it holds an amazing story line in which you are immersed in the game. A must play game for Walking Dead fans and haters.


Amazing Game

JoeKikAss | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

I got this game in a bundle with little intention of playing it, but I kept looking at it and began playing, all I have to say is WOW. Even if you aren't a fan of Batman you'll love this game, it has almost all the classic Batman villains in it with a twist. As a huge Batman fan, I was sort of bothered by the differences in characterizations from the series and the game, Bane's accent was different, Riddler had a way different voice, Joker almost sounded way too much out of a kids cartoon variant, Harley was probably one of the few with a pretty well done voice job. The Henchman in the game are kind of lame though, they are all the same basic model, they all fight alike and are too easy to take down. The story line is lengthy with a huge array of Wayne Technologies and it's sort of open world which is a huge plus for me. The graphics are AMAZING with PhysX turned on, so if you play with nVidia you won't be let down at all.