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Joethepr0 | June 14, 2014 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified - PC

For the first few hours I really enjoyed the game and I was looking forward to putting the hours in and playing it to completion. If you're not too fussy it's a fun if somewhat clunky and repetitive third person shooter with a notably interesting premise and setting. Under scrutiny however the game suffers from numerous small bugs, glitches and irregularities in the sound, controls and AI that add up into disappointment for me. The story in particular seemed like the ending was hastily tacked on in the last minute and lacked any of the exposition that was present in the earlier parts of the game. This drop in storytelling quality was particularly jarring and left me scratching my head at what had just happened to the game I was enjoying. Something else of note is that the game does an awful job of hiding the fact that you are just running from one arena to the next at which point a wave or three of enemies will predictably spawn on the far side for you to fight. In this way it is boring and predictable despite the cool aesthetic design of the areas and the aliens. They should have tried harder to mix it up. It feels unpolished and unfinished to me and left me feeling surprisingly bitter towards it. I wanted to like it (waistcoats FTW!) but I just couldn't.