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Worthwhile, but flawed.

Johnny_Cojones | Dec. 19, 2011 | Review of LA Noire - PC

You are Cole Phelps, a seemingly bipolar sociopath with an extremely sexy voice and a handy memo pad. As you expertly bumble your way through case after case, a very entertaining but subtle as dog poop on your living room floor story unfolds. The post WWII era L.A. is well crafted, & super accurate. I'm an expert on this because I have seen L.A. Confidential 2 1/2 times. Unfortunately, the game drags at times, due to it's repetitive nature. Also, while the technology behind the facial motion capture is impressive, many of the performances are unintentionally hilarious in that they are overdone. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this game. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing this series continue with some little tweaks here & there.