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JollyJonney | Sept. 3, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Speaking as someone new to the franchise i can say that this title is not to be sniffed at; everything that everybody has said is completely true and even at this stage with many more AAA titles to be released, this is definetly a contender for GOTY. The game begins in the same fashion as most; slow progression whilst giving the player the basic controls in a controlled environment. You also meet the villains of the game within the first five minutes of game time. Its what happens after this first ten minutes that truly shows what Deus Ex is all about... Okay maybe im jumping the gun abit. You play as Adam Jensen; head of security for sarif industries, the current political climate has been lit up as talk of controlled human evolution begins to surface. The evolution being through mechanical means and augmentations. two groups of society have begun to surface being the pro-augs and anti-augs. Okay theres a brief description of each and if i had more time i'd gladly go into more depth but i really want to get back in game :P Overall if your looking for a title that gives you complete and overall freedom in terms of gameplay definetly purchase this game.