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Battlefield 4 - Can't... Stop... Playing...

JonnyDel | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

I want to be upfront.... The only reason I am writing this is because I am not at home on my computer where I could be playing this game. This game is a decided improvement over BF3 and BF3 was incredible. The campaign is a good way to show off the engine and it does just that. There are some MP unlocks along the way so its worth at least one play-through. But who am I kidding? You'd buy this game for the multiplayer! The game has a role for everyone and heavily rewards team play. Its a fantastic feeling to get into a groove with your squad and advance on the objectives. There are some truly jaw dropping moments in this game. I still gawk every time a helicopter or jet does a fly by over my head; using explosives to breach dug in opponents is extremely satisfying; setting bombs on objectives and watching them blow after you successfully defend them with your squad is really invigorating. As a heads up, there are still some bugs being worked out by DICE but I believe they are working as quick as they can to get it in proper working order. Personally I have had little interruption. Do yourself a favour and buy this game.


Some of my best experiences.

JonnyDel | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition NA Origin - PC

Great value at this price for the amount of time than can be spent with this game. The matches are varied and there's lots of roles to play. The suppression mechanic and sound effects do an incredible job of making you feel like you're right in the heat of battle. The chaos that ensues in most matches is addictive and always exciting. The premium kit comes with all the varied gameplay types so you can change up the game at a whim. Battlelog does a great job tracking your best (and worst) moments. Highly recommend this game.


Lots of Fun. Bring friends.

JonnyDel | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition NA Overflow 1 - PC

Easy to jump into a lots of systems to take the grind out that you get in typical MMOs. The random events that pop up in the area mean there's almost always something to do. The character level scaling means that there could always be some semblance of danger as well, which is nice to know. The monthly updates also mean there is a steady drip of fresh content. This game is fine to play alone but really shines when you bring some friends and combo off each others skills. I recommend this game!