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A very good visual novel, disguised as a game.

Jotamide | June 14, 2012 | Review of To The Moon - PC

You don't need realistic fancy graphics to tell a good story; this game is proof of that. If you like games that are heavy on good storytelling, you're up for a treat. This pseudo-sci-fi indie game narrates the journey of a couple of doctors who dive into an old man's memory. The goal is to grant him his dying wish: a memory of having gone to the moon. My only criticism is that the gameplay is very minimal and controls can be a bit clunky. Although, in the end the game's story is captivating enough to keep you hooked. The plot is very consistent and you'll probably be still in awe about all the little details you'll realize after you've beaten the game. Finally, it's worth saying that this is a very short game. It's around 4 hours long. But quality over quantity is what matters here.