Reviews by Juicemon33


Fun game when played in moderation

Juicemon33 | Aug. 1, 2012 | Review of Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition NA - PC

The point of this game is to stop the zombies from reaching your house and eating your delicious brain. There are countless waves of them and it is up to you to stop them Each new level introduces different types of zombies as well as different plants you can use to stop them. This guarantees that each stage will be different and challenging. However, since the gameplay is always the same it can be hard to spend nonstop hours playing through the main campaign.


Quite Fun

Juicemon33 | July 28, 2012 | Review of World of Goo - PC

I had no idea what to expect once I loaded up the game but after a few minutes I was hooked. The first few levels are not very challenging and you might feel like the game is too easy but then all of a sudden you'll be introduced to different Goo that keep the game interesting. Definitely try this game if you're interested in the puzzle genre.