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"Watch your six".....or something like that anyway.

K1eaner | July 8, 2011 | Review of ARMA II - PC

FPS stands for First Person Shooter, well, this comes under that genre in a field of its own called Simulation Shooter. The first game that comes to mind is Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crysis. A game which was developed by Bohemia Interactive and Published by Codemasters, then something happened, they split and Codemasters kept the Operation Flashpoint franchise and Bohemia were left with.....well, nothing. So, they got up, dusted off and moved on and made ArmA: Armed Assault, a game which was frankly, the best simulation game to hit the market, with multiple tasks in a singular mission and also vehicles. Why am I giving this history lesson, well because that was just a to prepare you for what ArmA 2 has in store, and it as lot of stuff in store, there are a whole multitude of missions, with side missions, armory where you can try out the various vehicles, both land and air and also weapons. Sure there is the standard game play and the control system is a little complicated if you don't have a 5 button mouse and the graphics are pretty....moderate, but who cares, it's a military simulation shooter. It's supposed to be about tactics and stealthy game play in a sandbox game, you will pilot choppers, man the commander seat of tanks and will probably learn a lot about the military from playing this game, or not. There's more, there are also Gigabytes of mod's that you can choose from, from normal skins for your assault rifle to full fledged jets that you can use in co-op mission and the mission editor, the mission editor is a much needed addition as it lets your creativity loose, you can choose to do a one man army with a 100 A.I or scale a full fledged war with more than a 1000 A.I, should your PC be able to handle such a massive scale of A.I fighting it out on a hillside. Jets fighting overhead and tanks firing from atop the hill as you dodge for cover. Its full on war, get your friends to play co-op and experience what true tactical game play is. There are mods, multiplayer communities, clans and a whole world of tactical gamers out there who would love to play some or just muck around on a server fiddling with A.I. Buy to experience, words cannot convey how great this game is, this game is the crown jewel in the world of Tactical Shooters, so If you call yourself a FPS pro, try your hand at this, you will not be disappointed.