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A disappointing experience, especially for a Hitman game

KKnopp | April 29, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Following the trend of recent modernized sequels, we're treated with an unsatisfying game that strays so far from it's roots it's hard to recognize it at all. While Hitman: Absolution looks and sounds pretty, that's all it has going for it. The level design is poor and cramped leading to far less options in how you complete your tasks, with a variety of missions being entirely devoid of an actual "Hit". The stealth mechanics have been completely sucked out of the game. Sure, in any of the earlier games it was possible to gun your way through, but the possibility of being stealthy existed. In Absolution, 47's cover is blown a multitude of times during story cues making it seems like stealth is an afterthought. This leads into the overall poor quality of the story as well. 47 acts so out of character in numerous cutscenes (mixed in between BOOM EXPLOSIONS) it leaves you with the feeling that you're playing a low quality Michael Bay adaptation with a reskinned character. At least the developers added the one thing that the Hitman franchise has always been missing: Bullet Time. Now you can pause the action, use the reticle to pin headshots on as many people as there are in the room, then press a button and watch them all drop immediately. You no longer have to worry about causing an alert or that boring sneaking, just press the "kill everything" button! And in the case that someone is about to spot you, you can hold down the hide in plain sight button which allows you to put your head down and walk passed them without being discovered. Still sound hard? Well they added a convenient "Assassin Mode" (which looks similar to the Detective Mode in the Batman games) which highlights all objects you can interact with, shows guard paths, and shows you where you have to go. Thanks! Overall a short, entirely unsatisfying experience, especially if you're a Hitman fan. While it might play (and watch) as an alright action game, that's not what fans buy the Hitman series for, and if you are a fan you will be left with a bitter taste in your mouth.