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Generic MMORPG

KanzerReview | May 14, 2014 | Review of Millennium A New Hope Steam - PC

Well if you are into old school gaming this game is great. But for JRPG fans out there. I have to say this is a disappointment. This game is western marketed meaning it is really not meant for hardcore RPG fans. Storyline is mediocre graphics is self-explanatory. I find the experience nothing fresh maybe just characters wise it's kind of cliche if you tell me. I like the graphic style old school my kind of game but still gameplay wise and how unique is the game i would say it's generic. Not as good as a JRPG i will say but defintely quite a potential maker for western market. I would recommend waiting to buy only when it is under 2 dollars. I feel this kind of game really isn't worth that much.


Love the blood and violence.

KanzerReview | May 14, 2014 | Review of The Darkness II Overflow - PC

I always dreamnt to have this kind of power to rip people body apart and throw them so far you can hit an homerun. I have played many gore games but this shooter Darkness 2 has really bought gore to the next level. Tearing enemy limbs or slicing their head off has never felt so great. We know headshots are fun with guns but this dude here has tentacles of evil to wreck chaos to the world that he hates. Machine guns are damn right fun but Dual Wield them,, you have released a demon within. Dual wield any kind of guns customize them yourself and shread your enemies into pieces. it may sound sadistic but i love to shread those people into bits and pieces. Throwing their body parts against wall seeing the blood splatter like an art and body physics rag doll against a wall. This small things count.


Great game

KanzerReview | April 22, 2014 | Review of LEGO The Hobbit (2) - PC

The voice work and music was so dead accurate it was like it was taken from the films. Accompanied with familiar epic score going well with the cut scenes. During gameplay when things get a little hectic and messy you can occasional glitches but it's fine sometimes it's funny to see them. LEGO achievements never fail to be so random and somewhat difficult to get because you have to get to the most goofy situations in order to unlock them.


Can;t wait

KanzerReview | April 22, 2014 | Review of Trials Fusion Standard Edition - PC

I have to be honest that it's been very very long since a sports racing game is out. This genre is slowly dying off but UBISOFT has done it again. They used the engine and physics of the many games they have developed into this one EPIC racing game. Trails Fusion may not appeal to much people since the audience of this genre is so little it catches very little attention. All i can say is the action packed stunts you can pull off with the new engine is great. I highly recommend this game to people who are bored of the standard grind and get strong with more powerful spells or abilities. This game has progress but you won't be lacking much from the progress. It makes as though the moment you start you are already GOOD. All you have to do is familiarize with the controls and you are good to go. Slight downside is the UPLAY account where you have to create to play this. But a STEAM should be coming out soon. No worries.