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Improved, but...

Kapawozniak | June 27, 2013 | Review of Football Manager 2013 Overflow - PC

From the gamer's experience I have to admit it's the most complex and hyperrealistic football game ever created. It has better graphics, good (new) system of scouting and training. But implemented upgrades could be as well released as a patch for the old FM, because it is still the same Football Manager. You can like it or not, but it's still more like Excel than a football game. It can bring some emotions, though, but you could expect more than that. Game seriously lacks licenses for many leagues (and the most irritating lack of Germany national team). New modes would be great (Challenge mode is a good addition), if only they wouldn't use micropayments for everything, because I feel like I bought an incomplete game, but it's normal nowadays (DLCs etc.). FM Classic was for me a very bad decision, this mode is hopeless (buying "perks" like "All players want to join you" and cheating for real money, really Sports Interactive?). Apart from these, in normal game mode everything would be great, but this game is really slow. Compared to FM11 with the same (huge) database, FM13 is much slower. Sometimes when you press the spacebar to continue, you can go and make yourself a cup of coffee. And it's not that my computer is slow, it's FM that cannot utilise more than 2 cores of a processor. + 3D engine, research on players, realism of business and other relations, complexity, transfer system, new training, new staff management - Licenses, lacks photos of players and team logos, slow gameplay, FM Classic, micropayments 8.5/10 - because it's still Football Manager :)