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Last but not least

Karibou | Feb. 11, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nexway

Here it is. The fifth Elder Scrolls game. After a brilliant Morrowind and a quite annoying Oblivion. So, how is it? Quite good, actually, but far from perfect.

Oblivion was the beginning of something quite awful : Bethesda was aiming a new target : console players.

And now, in Skyrim, we can see the consequences : annoying ergonomy, made for playing with a gamepad. Using the menu and the inventory is now really bad for someone playing with a mouse and a key (actually, for every normal being).

But PC is also the land of modding and tweaking. Lots of mods, made by fans to fix the developper's mistakes.

And the game? Well, it's a huge open-world RPG. Lot of action, lot of surface to explore. Quite weak story, but with a well developped lore, letting any player jump into it to discover his darkest secrets.

You have 100 hours or more to lose? I have one word for you : Skyrim.