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Not a videogame, but a art form.

KarmicOcean | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Dear Esther - PC

As somebody else called it, this is a "walking simulator". But calling it so reduces this to its simplest form. Dear Esther is a story, told in a melancholic and slightly resentful monologue in a beautiful island (Source engine very well used here), full of metaphors and nice places to visit and contemplate... and that's about it. You walk from point A to point B, listening to the monologue and to its foreboding (and satisfying) conclusion. There's no real exploration and/or any other form of interaction with the sets. It's only that, a story, and a nice one. It should be appreciated as such, not as the game that it isn't. By "playing" this, I'm eager to see what can Chinese Room do with the sequel to Amnesia.