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Amazing I want High School Dreams 2

Kate1995 | July 3, 2014 | Review of High School Dreams - PC

This game is amazing! I'd like to play High School Dreams 2 It's kinda like the sims but with dialogues it's more adventure game and that's what I like The bad thing : after finishing the storyline there are 5 days left when you 'prepare to the prom" I think we need way more sidequests to do and make them less repetitive I like the graphics they're allright.About taking photos.You can't move the angle as much as you want to.It is really annoying. The whole gossip thing is cool but I still don't know how to get full popularity among the girls..all I can do is 3 circles in the stats It's kinda glitchy sometimes but after all I love the storyline and the wardrobe is really impressive the dance songs are catchy and why not put some more minigames such as chemistry lesson etc I know it sounds like more girlish version of Bully but that would be cool oh I know the DS high school game(very similar) and I think it's amazing that we have our own PC version.