Reviews by KatsumihD


It can get boring.

KatsumihD | Feb. 12, 2014 | Review of Battlefield 3 - PC

This game is not that great in my opinion,the story is short and almost like any story you know (russian attack,usa defend and nuclear bombs style). The visuals are great no question,but that is the only good thing about the singleplayer. The multiplayer was getting boring for me,because i only could play 3 gamemodes where i had a chance to win. I know winning is not everything,but this game makes no fun when you see enemy choppers,that kill you in a second,because they have some special skills,which you can unlock if you play with the chopper or buy. Bassicly you have not a bit of a chance to kill somebody,if they bought the unlock pack or played more then you (vehicle only). But thats a big deal to me,because almost every gamemode has vehicles or badass teams. And those 3 gamemodes which are playable for me are getting repetetiv. So i would not recommend to buy this


This game is pure epicness!

KatsumihD | Feb. 11, 2014 | Review of Sleeping Dogs DE - PC

This game was originaly planned as another True Crime game. Now it is a great open world game like GTA,only difference is that this plays in Hong Kong,which is pretty awesome. This game has astonishing graphics and also great gameplay. I like this kind of setting,where you actually can decide if you only play the Triad missions or help the cops. In most situations you will use your fighting skills and don´t care about weapons,which isn´t bad. As a conclusion i would say,that you should buy this game,it is worth the money.


You will have fun with this. I promise!

KatsumihD | Feb. 11, 2014 | Review of The Sims 3 - PC

This game is amazing,because it is a simulation to real life. All things you can´t or wouldn´t do,you can do in this simulation. It is very funny and has alot of gametime,because of the many dlcs and so on. The Graphics are great not great like crysis 3 more great like perfect for this gameworld. It´s addicting. The only bad thing about this game is that the characters are pretty dumb if there is a table in the way,so they can´t do their job,they will yell at you to remove the table,which the should do on their own,but it isn´t a big deal. So in my opinion it is a must buy.


It is an amazing experience!

KatsumihD | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

I have played both games of the payday series and both are really good. Payday 2 has besides of great visuals and gameplay a lot of replay value,because of the unlocks,dlcs and patches. You can play alone or play the Multiplayer with random guys and its working. Most people say it is repetitive,but you cant change it and its better than Payday 1. It is a must have for every heister.


This game is a must have!

KatsumihD | Feb. 9, 2014 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

The story is about Alan Wake,who is the main character of the game and have a problem with writting another story,so you go with your wife on a vacation. Soon you will get,that something is not right and Alice (your wife) disappeared and you go on to find her. Through out the game you will find some Pages,which are really important. The game is something different,you really feel helpless if you have no batteries or gun. Also this game has some special kind of monsters. There are normal,fast,strong and flying enemies. If you have not played this game already,I only can advise you to buy the game and play it.


It is a great game

KatsumihD | Feb. 9, 2014 | Review of Duke Nukem Forever - PC

This game was planned for like 14 years and was finally released. So many had high expectations and hated this game as it came out,because it was more fun and a parody of the old games. The story is okay,the graphics are nice and the multiplayer is pretty funny,especially with some friends. If you have some money get this game and enjoy it,don´t get a negative perspectiv of something you did not try.


You should not get it in this state of release!

KatsumihD | Feb. 9, 2014 | Review of Need for Speed Rivals Post - PC

Some of you may be asking,why i say something that bad. It is because the game is buggy like hell. Sometimes you have to look up the controlls which you can´t change in the Option menu,although there is an tutorial. This Game has also a 30fps limiter which you cant change either,because the game would run at double speed which is not a great option. Also there are not many cars to drive,even less then Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012. Another bad point is that the game is only playable,with an stable internet connection,so that means that even when you play alone you need to have a working internet connection. To name something good,this game has beautiful graphics in the most parts and you actually feel the speed,but thats it for the moment. This game hasn´t even a story,just some quests,races and video cutscenes. The tutorial which explains almost everything,which is a good thing, takes too much time and you feel pretty dumb after it,because they say you that you drive with the letters w and s,but don´t tell you that you use the arrow keys to steer the vehicle. If you have no fun collecting all tuning parts,you can unlock them with the timesafer pack. My advise is to keep away from this game at the state,if its patch it will be much fun. Also check the minimum Requirements listed on the right side. If the game is below 20 you should get it,because you can have fun with it,when it is patched.