Reviews by Khalan


A great city builder

Khalan | June 30, 2011 | Review of Anno 1404 - PC

Great graphics in this one, as well as a nicely varied gameplay experience. Each map contains a number of islands, each of which is large enough for a town or a city. However each island only has access to a number of goods natively - this is where trading comes in. You can amass a number of ships for trade and combat, and control them yourself or set up automatic trade routes through an easy to use interface. Trading goods between your islands will be necessary for them to grow and expand. Your citizens upgrade their buildings with access to new goods, making even more buildings available for use. Pirates and free traders also roam, as well as other civilization leaders, whom you can also trade with. There is also the eastern civilization, based on India - they have many goods your upper class citizens will enjoy, and you can also build your own eastern cities on the southern islands. Getting all of your islands working together is an involving and enjoyable challenge. Quests are also available, both from leaders in the game and your own monarch, giving you plenty of goals to work towards. Sandbox play is also available. All in all, a great game that you'll spend many hours with.


Satisfying tactical / strategic game

Khalan | June 22, 2011 | Review of UFO Afterlight - PC

Plenty of different weapons and items to research, lots of aliens to kill, some great mods, good graphics, and personality, which is something lacking in some similar titles. This game concentrates on a cast of a couple of dozen characters, each individually named and voiced. Each can be used in different roles, such as soldier / scientist / engineer, and can level up in their respective fields. Several factions exist in the game, adding a little more strategy, and it has a fairly interesting story and quite decent voicework. The environment can be mined and also terraformed, which is reflected both on the planetary display and in the missions themselves. Tactical gameplay is satisfying; difficulty can vary quite a bit depending on skills and equipment, and of course tactics, but it's great seeing your small team move up from barely scraping by to devastating the opposition - of course stronger aliens will often be arriving, so it's never a cakewalk. Definitely recommended.


Amazing graphics and sandbox play, overall gameplay...?

Khalan | June 22, 2011 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Looks great, runs great. Incredible graphics and great fun to run / fly / drive / grapple around in. Destruction effects and physics are excellent, the map is enormous and varied and there are plenty of missions as well as free-roaming. Unfortunately the voice-acting isn't that great, the story isn't that interesting, and it seems a little directionless. However you can still have a great time with this game.


A high quality, highly replayable game

Khalan | June 22, 2011 | Review of Sanctum - PC

Great production values and an interesting twist on the tower defence formula. Although it has limited maps and towers it also has immense replayability; strategies are increased with the options of using towers or your own weapons or both, as well as designing the best mazes, chasing the high scores on higher difficulties, or playing coop. More maps have been added since release for free; this is a highly worthwhile investment. You'll get many more hours of playtime from this than many full price games.



Khalan | June 22, 2011 | Review of Star Wolves 3 Civil War - PC

A nice mix of RTS, action and RPG elements. You control a mothership capable of launching several smaller fighters. Each of these (including the mothership) can be upgraded with better equipment or replaced entirely with stronger models, and crewed by your party members, who can increase in skills. Nice graphics, large gameworld and lots of missions, including story and free-time random missions. Recommended.