Reviews by Khrada


The First, and the Last Ushering a New Age

Khrada | Dec. 6, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® - Dragonborn™

This is the final chapter Bethesda has provided us to further the deeds our Dragonborn hero (or villain) can do. Overall, the DLC is great and it has a lot of contents added to further your adventure. Pros: - New land with decent size. - New armor and weapons, which widens the choice of your arsenal. - Toy your enemies with new shiny (and ashy) magics, and to demonstrate your power as a Dragonborn with new shouts. - Apocrypha, the Plane of Oblivion introduced in this DLC provided a lot of new ways dungeon interacts with the player. - Morrowind soundtrack and revisit the island of Solstheim! Cons: - Feels too short. This is a big longer than Dawnguard, but it still feels short consider the 19.99 USD price tag. - Dragon riding is a huge let down. The player cannot control their dragon's direction, and the only way to move out of the area is fast travel. - Solstheim is a bit too small, it is very easy to wipe the island clean of revers, and never to see them again because of you traveling back and forth on the island so it never resets. It is not perfect, but the DLC is solid enough for any Skyrim players to buy it.


Great Sequel, a step forward of every aspect

Khrada | Nov. 27, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 (NA)

Do you like Borderlands? Do you like to see more of Pandora, with more areas to explore, more enemies to pop, and more guns (important) to collect? This game is here to deliver! The only downside I'm going to say about the game is story. But wait, who needs an epic story when you can tell the whole Pandora that you (and your friends) are the most badass badasses on the whole planet? Just shove a whole magazine of bullet down those baddies' throat! Now that downside is done, upsides. Pretty much everything. More beautiful scenery, more characters to interact (funny ones, also important,) more baddies to kill, and way way way more guns and funs with your friend! With 6 unique classes (2 being DLC characters) for the game opens up almost endless possibilities for you to design your character and experiment different ways to punish whoever is silly enough to stand in your way. Multiplayer component has also been improved, it is now easier to see your friend's progress to make sure everybody is on the same page. All in all, great FPS-RPG-Action game. If you like all three of those genres, get it.


Sequel with great potential, foiled by the issues within THQ

Khrada | Nov. 25, 2013 | Review of Darksiders II

Compare to the first Darksiders, Darksiders II is a huge improvement on nearly all aspects of the game, with fast pace action, variety of weapons, and a story that expands the game further without giving much change to the setting of the first game. However, the quality of game suffered from THQ's financial situation and it is quite obvious to see some parts were not as complete as the developers may want them to be. For example, the UI is a huge step backward from the first game, especially on the PC version, and only the first two areas of the game is big enough for travel, while the rest of the area were only there for quests and lacked further improvement. It is sad to see such potential has been wasted to such degree. But the game itself is solid nonetheless