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Deeply DIsapointed

Killoran | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition (1) - PC

After playing GW1 For 5 years i was looking forward to GW2 i bought 2x Digital Deluxe Edition of the guild wars website as soon as it was available at the cost of £130 (one copy for me one for the GF). I didn't play the betas as i didn't want to do all the same stuff over again when it was officially released. You don't have side quests in GW2 you have a main quest around every 3 levels (12-15-18) instead of side quest you have "hearts" which are basically side quests which are just pick up certain things/kill certain things, some are easier to complete than others. some you will have to wait for a random event to happen to complete the heart. These random events I though would be a great idea and in videos about it they said "you will feel like you made a difference", well you don't. One person being there or not doesn't make much difference at all and the event will just happen again 5mins later if you were successful. this is all the PvE consists of basically and get very boring very quick. The holy trinity of MMOs (tank+healer+CC) is done away with by GW2 instead you left with a mess of people playing there own way doing what they want and everyone dying over and over.. my first run in the first instance ended up with everyone in the group dying at least 6 times The most enjoyable things in GW2 is the PVP the WvW is quite fun large groups of people sieging different size forts with siege equipment, or small groups going round attacking the easier targets of supply caravans and depots however the Que into the WvW take on average 2hrs on high population servers and low population servers don't stand a chance in WvW The 5v5 PvP however where your automatically leveled up-to 80 and given all skills is the best part of the game a where teamwork is actually required for winning. You will play with 100s of players on GW2 and never need to speak to any of them most you will say is "Thanks for the res"



Killoran | Sept. 22, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Best thing about the game was the unarmed combat, was nice and refreshing to see a free roam game actually put some time into combat, unfortunately that's the only positive i have for it. The story was very predictive and the missions got repetitive quite quickly. Some of the cars handled really well and realistic while others had a larger turning circle than a lorry. Saints row still my favorite Open world Action game.


Awesome game

Killoran | Sept. 22, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - PC

Badly ported but easily fixed by user mods. originally bought on Xbox but traded it in before I got past boss as I found it too difficult. Decided to give it another chance on PC and i loved it, it was a welcome challenge to other games that are far too easy only thing that let me down is the ending it was rather lame after all the effort to get there. On my second play though now and still enjoying it and finding it challenging.