Reviews by KingArthas94


To me, the best multiplayer experience for a FPS.

KingArthas94 | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 3

The game is absolutely awesome. The graphics are stunning, the plot of the single player is interesting but the campaign is short, the multiplayer... standing ovation. Buy it if you like the fps genre.

The only problem is the netcode: sometimes you will dile while going behind something to not be hit by the enemies but the bullets will hurt you anyway. It's a sort of lag but not depending on your connection.


The best Assassin's Creed.

KingArthas94 | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition

AC2 is an action game set in my loved Italy. It's a sort of free roaming game, full of secrets and funny! The reproduction of some buildings like San Marco in Venice is awesome. It's a long game but this isn't a bad aspect. The graphics were awesome when the game was launched and in 2013 they're still really enjoyable! The plot is a bit strange for some aspects but everything has a conclusion in the next games of the series (mostly AC Revelations and AC3). The gameplay is fantastic, leaving the player the possibility to choose how to reach a target and kill him. I loved this game, I recommend it to everyone.


This is not a game, this is a benchmark.

KingArthas94 | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of Crysis 3 (EU)

Well yes, it's only a benchmark. The graphics are awesome but... it ends there. It's like Crysis 2 almost in everything, but with a lots of details. It's still short in the single player, that is also really easy. I don't recommend it or... well I recommend it ONLY if you want a CoD-Style game for multiplayer but you're searching also for fantastic graphics.


Funny shooter, nice graphics and "cars"

KingArthas94 | Oct. 16, 2013 | Review of RAGE

RAGE is a nice shooter, with a really HUGE setting. It's cool and amusing doing rides while caring about shooting the enemies. It's not simple, specially the first times, but then you become stronger and faster and kick asses! There are also some "rpg like" things like selectable quests. I decided to play RAGE on my PC with my Xbox 360 controller, it was nice. The graphics are simply GOOD. The textures are really detailed, even if I feel like it could be better on some aspects. I recommend it :)