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Grand Fun

KingFriday | June 5, 2011 | Review of Grand Ages Rome - PC

This may have one of the most enjoyable & varied campaigns in a city-builder game I've seen in a long time. There is a pleasant variation in the missions, and you can pick and choose your path through it. I would say that structures all have a unique purpose, there isn't much redundancy. There's a smartly balanced level of depth and management, as the game gives you clues as to how to get your structures working well together. This could have been done badly, but you still have a good amount of control and many forced situations. I even enjoyed the army units quite a bit, while it's not as in depth as some strategy games, they still have character and some purpose. I would say that for all this game does, it balances it all quite well without getting overwhelming or being generic, and above all, remaining fun. It does a few things I especially like. There are some missions that tend to finish quickly, but it gives the option to keep playing that mission. I find this very nice, as you usually have a huge territory to build upon. That's where some real secondary value comes into it, trying to keep your city pumping along the more you reach out into the territory, it also doesn't tend to lock you from using particular units or structures. There is also a reward system for doing unique things, such as finishing a number of buildings in quick succession, the game will then reward with faster construction during the mission. There are a lot of nice little touches to this game that make me see a good deal of replay potential, I highly recommend it.