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Greatest expansion yet

Klionheart | July 30, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Brave New World - PC

Civ5 has really evolved a lot since its old days as a buggy resource hog. The base game was patched a lot during the first month, ending up as technically acceptable. Problem is, the game but still incredibly *boring*. Then Gods&Kings came out, adding a wealth of content to the early parts of the game, and finally turning it into an *enjoyable* game. There was still a problem, though. Once you got around the Industrial age, the content rapidly diminished. Religions lost importance, wars became a chore, and any other option useless because barring those boring wars, the power balance was already set for the rest of the game. And the whole game became boring again. Now, Brave New Worlds is out, and it wisely addresses these issues. And well! Most of the new content is for the late ages, adding more nuanced diplomacy with the world council, and a completely revised path to the Cultural victory that actually requires you to take an active role, by sending archeologists to explore ruins, and trading cultural artifacts. The expansion also adds long-awaited trade routes, which require some planning as they are limited. Now you can finally play an entire game without inevitably getting bored! The game is finally complete, and while new expansion will be nice, they finally stopped being necessary to actually enjoy the game. The bottom line: you can't miss this expansion. If you have Civ5, get it. Don't think about it :)


The best Relaxing game I've ever played!

Klionheart | June 19, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 STEAM - PC

The first thing that comes to mind to many people as they learn of the existence of this is probably: "What the heck? How can this be a game?" It's a legitimate question. I mean, driving trucks in Real Life is fairly hard work, it's not really supposed to be entertaining. That was my thinking too. But then, out of curiosity, I decided to try it. It starts off pretty much as I expected: create a profile, then get dropped in a borrowed truck for a short tutorial. As I went through the tutorial, I started appreciating the graphics, very realistic, and the handling of the truck. It really feels real, even with a basic keyboard/mouse combo you can feel how heavy these things are, and that's no easy accomplishment. After the tutorial, I started choosing runs for various firms, again on borrowed trucks, and I enjoyed planning a path through Europe. Soon enough, I realized that I had spent about 3 hours completely engrossed with the game. I went back to it the following days, eager to finally earn enough money to buy my own truck, then to expand my garage and stat hiring other drivers. I enjoyed all of the experience, and found the driving very relaxing. I've played many games, from FPS to RPS, to MMORPG, and while they do entertain, none really allowed me to just sit down, play, and relax, maybe while listening to radio. Euro Truck Simulator 2 does it, and does it well. It's a shame that some parts of Europe are not on the map. Most of the East, everything west of Paris, and the South of Italy, including Rome(how can you set a game in Europe and ignore *Rome*?) aren't there...but the developers are still actively expanding the game, so hopefully they'll come in the future. An Eastern Europe DLC is apparently almost completed already :)