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Rising from the ashes

KoRReaction | Dec. 1, 2013 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn Digital Collectors Edition NA Post - PC

Graphics: One of the best looking MMO's I've ever seen. Simply beautiful to look at. We are talking desktop wallpaper good. A good variety of locations and climates from frozen tundras to deserts to jungles. Different weather effects such as rain or fog as well as a day/night cycle really immerse you into Eorzea. Sound: Fantastic musical score that gives you that classic Final Fantasy feeling. All other in game sounds are good but won't blow you away. Combat: Traditional MMO combat here same as it's been since Everquest. Early game is fairly easy but around level 30 - 35 the difficulty really ramps up. Story: Classic good vs evil story, with some twists that keep things interesting. Overall: Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn doesn't reinvent the genre it combines a lot of things that you would see in WoW and GW2. But it does everything really, really well. Giving one of the most solid MMO experiences I've had in awhile. Weather you are a Final Fantasy fan, MMO fan or both this is a must buy. The developers deserve strong praise for what they were able to do with this title.