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Best MMO I've played in a long time

Koga1211 | Jan. 16, 2014 | Review of FINAL FANTASY XIV A Realm Reborn NA Post - PC

I've played many MMO's over the last 10 year's or so, and I know many will will disagree with me on this but this is one of the best MMO's I've ever played. I haven't got bored with it, which hasn't happened in years. As others said, it CAN fall into some grinding traps, but at the same time I've leveled faster in this WITHOUT grinding, more than a few times, than I have in any other MMO. I'm actually not sure why people are complaining so much about the grind, simply because most of it is avoidable. You can level up pretty swiftly just from doing the main storyline and dungeons, everything else is just filler that can be ignored or consumed at your leisure. Now, on to the game itself; It's Final Fantasy! I love the worlds atmosphere because it FEELS like FF. The armory system is great: Basically you pick your starting class, and after level 10 or so, you unlock the armory system. At this point, you can go talk to other guild leaders (basically the guys you get your class-quests from) and unlock those classes. Then all you do is equip the weapon for that class, and you change classes. You CAN play ALL the classes, and level them ALL to max on a single character. In other words, NO MORE REROLLING! Bored with melee? Feel like casting spells today? Switch gear sets and have at it. For me, that's a god send. I hated having to make alts in other MMO's just so I could experience different fighting styles. You may be thinking at this point "But you still have to level up again even if you're not technically rerolling" - True, but you get a sizeable EXP bonus based on your highest class level. So for example if I have a lvl 30 lancer, and then I switch to playing a Gladiator, I'll get a huge bonus to my exp gains. Which, btw, stacks with rested experience and any other bonuses I pick up (like from eating). It's based on the gap between the class you're playing and your highest class level, so I can't give exact numbers, but basically it'll range between 50%-250% - I'm sure it goes higher than this, but currently that's the highest I think I've seen, but I haven't hit max level yet, so I don't know what it is if you're 49 levels apart, for example. That said, 250% on mobs that already give like 1000 EXP is pretty nice. Anywhere there's lots of other features I could talk about but this is already long enough. TL;DR: If you like FF, if you like the freedom to play the class you want without having to grind too hard to do it, if you like riding Chocobos and sending mail via Moogles, then give the game a go.


Much better than the base game, IMO.

Koga1211 | Jan. 16, 2014 | Review of Chivalry Deadliest Warrior - PC

Having owned and played the base game, I have to say that, surprisingly, I find this spinoff of an expansion MUCH more entertaining. It's very enjoyable to load up as a warrior type I love, such as the Samurai, and fight people in a Deadliest Warrior setting. - By the way, wow, they finally made a Deadliest Warrior game that didn't suck! Anyway, there are a few issues; Pirates just run around shooting you in the back - sometimes even when they're on your team - so that hard fought battle against 1-3 guy's you're having is suddenly ruined as a pistol shot goes into the back of your skull. This also means that pirates are stealing your kills if this happens to the guys you're fighting instead. Ninjas typically pop up from behind like that as well, although thats a bit more to be expected for obvious reasons. More importantly though they don't one shot you with a pistol. They're something that can be dealt with, even if they get a hit or two in by surprise. My other concern is that some of the Gameplay modes are a tad unpleasant at times; The 6 way TDMs are an interesting idea and CAN be fun, but often lead to terrible unbalance in teams. One moment there's enough of you on your team (Samurai, for example) and then the next there's only you because the other guys switched to whichever factions were winning. Anyway, it can get messy and unbalanced when there's 6 teams to choose from. Additionally, the free for all mode is terrible. It's just terrible. Mostly because of pirates and ninjas who spend the entire match ruining your fights from behind. There's nothing fun about it unless you're being one of those Pirates or Ninjas. TL;DR: Great game, lots of fun, but a few frustrating game modes and class design/balance issues lead to a few frustrating moments (or several rounds of it).


Great Game - If you can find people to play with

Koga1211 | Jan. 16, 2014 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

This was actually a surprisingly fun game, and there's nothing else really like it. There is one other game out there with a similar theme, but having played both I can say they're nothing alike. Anyway, as for GoI, it's a great game, but sometimes it's hard to find people worth playing with. I'd say this game is best played with at least 2 friends, as it's easier at that point to have a decent crew for your ship. Playing with random people IS possible, and there is an in-game voice chat function. But, as with any online game, when you play with randoms, it's not entirely likely that you will get a lot of great teamwork. That said if you end up with a bunch of vets in your squad, it's not so bad, because they know what they're doing.



Koga1211 | Jan. 12, 2014 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

I've had the game for a few months now, and I'd say it's decent. The fighting system is somewhat unique, and the atmosphere is unique. My main issue though, is that everything devolves into a slash fest on large servers. Instead of people playing smart, they just run in with big swords, kill friend and foe alike. It's a fun game if you can get into duels and smaller servers, assuming you're any good at it, which can take some effort. It's a fairly challenging game if you do, though. I recommend it for people more interested in the duel servers and smaller pop maps.