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Very surprise game

Kojomi | May 19, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

At first i thought it be kinda meh meh game, but yeah after few minutes and asking friends i bought it. What really surprised me that game managed to be interesting, good and really well made. I really liked that it wasnt typical shoot zombies and survive. Puzzles were actually challenging and choices you had to make really showed me how difficult situation can be when you have to act fast and quickly and your choice actually matters. I liked very much about characters in this game, their acting, expressions and feelings really got me through game monitor. Game managed to give me also suspense, what would happen next moment and who is going to die or survive. I really liked that you also had choices how you talk to different people and how you act some situations and how it affects you and others. If you really want to experience unique and good game with very very good story, try this. You wont be disappointed. This game is one of best and uniquest games i ever played in my entire life.