Reviews by Kokuei


Price is pretty steep for a DLC that's essentially a map.

Kokuei | Nov. 27, 2015 | Review of The Escapists Duct Tapes are Forever - PC

The DLC name is a play on a very useful item in the game Duct Tape and the James Bond film "Diamonds are Forever". But as a Canadian, the movie by the cast of Red Green show is also called Duct Tape Forever which Red Green usually uses to fix all his contraptions. The story follows suit as the Villain kidnaps you can many fellow spies and dumps you in a compound. But instead of chaining you up and beating you down, They let you go about your life as if you were in a minimal security prison. The gameplay is the same as always but there are a few new craftables that may or not be useful, who knows right? On top of that, there are interactions that you will need to touch to escape. You had more of a choice in other official DLC maps and this one is a little more linear. I personally feel the price is pretty high. I get it that pixel art isn't the easiest thing to draw especially since you need to elaborate the picture with a low amount of pixels. But the map itself could have been handled with the default group of textures with a few additions here and there. Overall, it's a fun experience but it's just a little expensive.


Not looking good unless they drastically change the AI.

Kokuei | Nov. 27, 2015 | Review of Epsilon - PC

Epsilon is an Unreal Engine 4 title by Serellan which also produced the critically acclaimed "Takedown: Red Sabre". If you can't tell, that was sarcastic as Takedown has a "Mostly Negative" score on Steam. At this time of writing, the few suspect points are that Takedown and Epsilon share the same mechanic of trying too much they can handle. Takedown's issue was that they started with horrible AI and never attempted to create a better AI for their game. During early access of Epsilon, we're seeing the same type of cone AI that looks very unfinished. The general gameplay is ok. You have plenty of time to plan your route. Your squad follows your waypoints. The bad part about this is your squads AI is just as bad as the enemies AI. They follow your orders but do nothing to avoid enemy fire and just run in a straight line. Maybe I'm a little biased, maybe not but I really feel like this game would have become an expansion of Takedown, if Takedown didn't have negative reviews all over the place. I'm also aware this is an AI heavy review but the game genre is based around AI manipulation. Both your own and the enemy. When you don't have that, you just have a shooter with tactical elements which isn't what they're claiming the game to be based upon. I'm also aware this game is in "pre"-alpha but look at what else they produced, their finished Takedown game should still be in alpha.


GOTY 2014

Kokuei | April 1, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator - PC

This is one of the most random games you'll ever play. You play as a goat and pretty much all you do is raise havoc on everything. Think Saint's Row Third or/IV's "activity" missions where you combine insurance fraud and mayhem but multiply that by 100. The game as it stands doesn't crash that bad. I've encountered a couple but they are working on fixing those. The game runs as you expect. You gain points by causing destruction every where you go. The ways you cause destruction is all up to you. Lift and throw stuff with your tongue? Sure. Slow time and Fly? Great. Fling yourself into a group of people? It's getting ridiculous. You won't regret purchasing this goo..*bahhh*... ahem. This amazing game.


Casual auto scrolling platformer.

Kokuei | March 31, 2014 | Review of Last Knight Early Access (1) - PC

These types of games usually show up on your phone or tablet. Game is structured similar to the well known android game called "Sonic Dash" of which your character runs along a 3 lane area while dodging or jumping over obstacles that will spawn in front of you. The game has a fully structured story mode ready to be played. The others aren't. You have several choices with the obstacles. Chasms or rivers need to be jumped over. Knee high fences can be jumped over or dodged from left to the right. Targets or barrels can be hit with your lance. There are others but that's for you to find out. As you progress with the game; these obstacles get faster and faster which will test your reaction speeds. The graphics and sound are pretty average at the moment. The graphics are cute but again it seems exactly like what you find on your phone or tablets. The camera is angled to the ground so when you see an obstacle; it's going to be just a few feet in front of you. This adds to the challenge but it's an artificial increase in difficulty. The concept's done before and it's known to work. Especially when you look at the popularity of "Sonic Dash" among other similar games. With polish and possibly a port to the phone/tablet market; I'd say it can become just as popular.


I'm too old for this s***.

Kokuei | March 31, 2014 | Review of The Typing of the Dead Overkill Silver Screen DLC - PC

The DLC pack is basically a "dictionary" update to change the default words you type to famous movie titles, quotes, and names of actors/actresses. Not only is it entertaining to type a quote you heard in an old movie but to remember and look up what the actor/actress are doing now. Definitely fun to replay the game with this on.


A tense classic

Kokuei | March 26, 2014 | Review of Nosferatu The Wrath of Malachi - PC

Back when survivor horror actually meant survivor horror. When you start the game; you don't recall anything. You have barely anything for weapons and you know something is very wrong. You then search the castle for your family members. The gameplay is actually pretty good. The castle is generated new every time you start a new game. The main objective remains the same. The game doesn't let you save nor there is an auto save. You have limited weapons, ammo and health. Use them wisely. The story is interesting. Don't expect much though; this game is basically a roguelike in a survivor horror setting. The sound is what makes the game tense. The music keeps the hairs on the back of your neck tingling and the sound makes you on edge. The voice acting is terrible though. The game has absolutely no graphic settings. You can't change the resolution or anything. You have to deal with the low resolution the game defaults to. The game looked old when released; especially when you compare to Half-Life 2 which was only 1 year after this game came out. The game is fun if you can get around the fact that the graphics are terrible to look at.


Interesting Pac-Man game.

Kokuei | March 26, 2014 | Review of PACMAN and the Ghostly Adventures NA - PC

Finally released on PC; the game was released on consoles near the end of 2013. It was definitely a pleasant surprise and majority of 3D platformers get released on consoles and stay on consoles without a though on PC. The basic mechanics you remember from the old Pac-Man are there. Power pills, fruit, ghosts and etc. Every level is pretty short but entertaining. There's a weird mechanic that isn't really explained but you can eat ghosts without using a power pill. The controls are great especially with a controller and the game runs pretty well for a console port. The game is very short. The story is strange. I guess it's based or loosely based on the new Pac-Man TV show that I have never seen. The game has a similar issue as a very different game "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine" which has limited amount of enemies. You'll constantly hear enemies screaming very few lines every time they're coming after you. They get very repetitive. All in all; this is a decent 3D platformer in a platform that has very few of them.


Another hit from Daedalic.

Kokuei | March 25, 2014 | Review of 1954 Alcatraz - PC

In a new adventure; but this time innovating the gameplay. There are 2 playable characters. You can jump between these two characters at will. As husband and wife; both will require to work in parallel. As in most adventure games; linearity is a huge factor with them. This one is no different. Although the game involved un-linear decisions; there are going to be linear objects required to be found to advance the story. The gameplay is somewhat a pain. It is a point and click however so movement is a little non responsive. There is also quite a bit of backtracking but every adventure game has at least a little. The puzzles are interesting. The soundtrack is very Jazz heavy and the voice acting is very immersive. Rarely do we have a game with sexual references or graphic violence from Daedalic; the game is really subtle with them. Overall the game is great for a single playthrough. Multiple playthroughs isn't very fun.


You'll love it if you love the original.

Kokuei | March 7, 2014 | Review of Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall DLC - PC

The game is a turn base RPG where you control a team of character. There is much more emphasis on the term RPG this time around where your actual stats matter in terms of character progression which is always welcome. The game is developed for the easy to use Unity Engine. The gameplay and story is pretty linear for what you'd expect. There's a little bit of exploring required for optional side quests which sometimes breaks the pace of the game. You're able to interact with the maps sometimes to find hidden passages or rooms with unique loot. Different classes have different uses. The game also supports Steam workshop which allows people to create custom campaigns and maps. There are dozens of campaigns fan made ready to download and play for free. All in all it's a fun ride for being "DLC". Honestly; it should be a standalone game. You'll get exactly the amount or more hours in this campaign as you would the original. Also since it is DLC; if you don't have the base Shadowrun Return then you'll need to buy that first.


An uncommon experience

Kokuei | March 7, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed Freedom Cry NA (1) - PC

Freedom Cry is a standalone expansion to Assassin's Creed IV where you follow a familiar lad named Adewale of which you meet early in Black Flag. Adewale a former slave which joined Edward Kenway as a pirate then following the Assassin order finds himself in a situation in Port-au-Prince where there is brutal slavery and he tries to help everyone involved and assassinate the corrupted leaders. The game is run on the ACIV: Black Flag engine; AnvilNext. The gameplay is more similar to the Assassin's Creed: Liberation where the maps are very small so you're forced to just stick with the main story without much exploration. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your taste. The area the game really excels is the story. The last Assassin's Creed story that felt engaging was Ezio's life. You never really feel engaged with Connor or Edward. You definitely will for Adewale. All in all; you pretty much get what you pay for. It's DLC for Black Flag so you won't get that many hours of content. It's definitely worth a look at because the story isn't common in video games and there's some appreciation there.



Kokuei | March 4, 2014 | Review of NPPD Rush - PC

NPPD Rush tries too hard to be an "old school" retro arcade game. The game explains nothing. There is little to no user interface. Pretty much the only thing going for it is the controls. The mouse and keyboard controls are at least responsive. PS: there is no controller support. What it really reminds me of is Hotline Miami. Why? The 1980s~ theme, top down shooter and the graphics. But does it play like it? No. Basically there is one repetitive music track that plays and it's not very good. The gameplay is boring. There are no in-game options despite being developed for PC. No volume control, no resolution options, no window/fullscreen changes and etc. The graphics are very nauseating.


Relaxation game.

Kokuei | March 4, 2014 | Review of Peggle Nights NA - PC

This game made by Popcap is the sequel to the 2007 classic of the same name "Peggle". Gameplay is similar to "pachinko". It was and still is popular in themeparks, family game restaurants, and casinos. Basically you insert a ball or coin on the top of the machine, and you let it drop. It'll bounce around until it reaches the bottom. The payout being cash or tickets depending on the location it is being played. A more common comparison would be "plinko" from "The Price is Right". Basically in Peggle; what needs to be done is for you to fire the ball in this case; hit as many coloured shapes to amass points. The goal is to get as much points as possible by chaining how you hit the shapes. The game is exactly like Peggle 1; think of this as a DLC. You get many more levels, challenges and new power ups. If you enjoy the first game; you'll definitely enjoy this one too.


Interesting story and good puzzles.

Kokuei | Feb. 19, 2014 | Review of Puzzle Agent - PC

Are you a fan of David Lynch? If so; this games story is definitely going to be your taste. The story doesn't really make any sense. Surreal is the best way to put it. You don't really need to like the story to enjoy the game though but it helps. The game was pretty much a pilot to test the audience of the genre. The game uses the Telltale Tool as their engine. The gameplay is pretty simple. You follow dialogue and then someone will come up with a problem which you'll need to solve. The problem will be a puzzle; be it math or logic based and etc. You may use up to 3 hints per puzzle and to get hints; they show up time to time as chewing gum as you enter areas. All in all; if you're looking for a simple logic puzzle game with twists and turns with the story; this is a great choice for an evening.


Faithful to originals.

Kokuei | Feb. 18, 2014 | Review of Tales of Monkey Island - PC

When it comes down to the characters, dialogue and storyline; this game is a faithful recreation in an all new game. Many original developers were involved with the production in this game. Ron Gilbert with the story arc, Dave Grossman with the design and etc. With the talented developers at Telltale this turned out to be great. The game is run on the Telltale Tool engine. All cutscenes and gameplay in done real time and wasn't prerecorded. Graphics are well done; game can be run on not so great hardware. The gameplay is similar to the original. You point and click on objects. You combine objects to create new items to continue the quest. There are also a few red herrings to detour you from having a completely linear path. This goes without flaws though. Majority of the objectives are really straight forward. A little too obvious what the correct choice are. Others are completely random where there is no conceivable way you can understand what's going on ie. "Whale Mating" (using this to avoid spoilers). There are also game breaking bugs which didn't not allow me to continue the game at one point. I had to take 30 minutes skipping through every piece of dialogue and puzzle to get back to where the bug occurred. Overall the series is pretty well made and if you liked the original's comedic value; this game will keep you laughing.


Backstory DLC.

Kokuei | Feb. 14, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed Revelations The Lost Archive DLC NA - PC

The reason you would want to play this is not about the gameplay but the backstory. You might recognize the gameplay because it is set up exactly the same as "Desmond's Journey". The game DLC was made by Massive Entertainment whom which is a subsidiary of Ubisoft. This instance focuses on Subject 16 or Clay Kaczmarek; the person being examined before Desmond. You learn about his life and what occurs after he entered Abstergo.You also get to see the reasoning behind Lucy. You also receive minor perks to the main game and multiplayer. The best part about it is the new dungeon lair "Vlad the Impaler Prison" which is both cinematic and fun to play. If you're a fan of Assassin's Creed and you would like to know more of the story; this is a must play.


Great platforming and frustrating until you get used to controls

Kokuei | Feb. 12, 2014 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

It's an interesting game. The story sets off as Meat Boy's girlfriend Bandage Girl gets kidnapped by Dr. Fetus. If it sounds cliché; it is. The developer Edmund McMillen developed a game 6 years before this one called Gish which the main character; a ball of tar has his girlfriend kidnapped and he must go after her. Many other games also utilize this or generalize it. Limbo, Mario, and Braid for example. The gameplay is simple. You have your movement keys, your run key and your jump key. The movement is very reactive and there isn't much if any latency from the point where you press a button and your character moves. This goes without saying you'll need to learn some muscle memory and skills required to complete the game. While in the air you can jump higher vertically or move farther horizontally depending on your you jumped. You need to know when you should and shouldn't use the run button. With that said; you'll die a lot. The controls are not analog. This means if you use a keyboard; you will not be at a disadvantage compared to some with an analog stick controller. If anything the controls are more reliable with a keyboard because you'll need to adjust small movements quite a lot in the air and you get more precision by tapped a keyboard compared to pushing an analogs or tapping a dpad. The difficulty really depends. There are 5 worlds not including the ending. There are light and dark sides. Dark side being the harder counterpart. The layout of each level is similar in both dark and light sides. The difference is that the dark side has more stuff to kill you. There are secret hidden characters where you can unlock with colleting bandages or searching for warp zones which are secret levels. The characters vary from one another. Some are similar and others are completely different. The derpy meat boy which doesn't allow you to run as quick but you have a double jump for example. Respawning is instant and most levels are very small. It's not until you reach the Rapture world where the level size increases dramatically. The graphics are simple and sweet. They did a really good job creating a layout that was easy on the eyes which allows you to concentrate on your your character. This also allows you to get into a zone and play for long periods of time. All in all; the game is a really nice gem and should be played or at least tried. They initially released a Flash version called Meat Boy. If you're unsure you may try the flash game first but I have to warn you; the controls are not as responsive as Super Meat Boy.