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CO-OP madness, now with extra madness!

Konkulf | May 17, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

After playing the first Borderlands for countless hours with friends and enjoying every bit of it, it was time to start our adventure in BL2, and boy, we weren't disappointed! First off, the game looks very good, everything has a cartoony and very vibrant look, but still manages to look very nice and clean. It definitely can't compete with the more graphics-heavy games, but in terms of graphic style, this is a really gorgeous game. Now over to some gameplay. BL2 feels pretty much like every other FPS in terms of shooting etc. But that's not a bad thing, the controls are nice and responsive, and I've found no problems so far. There's also a lot more enemy variety compared to BL1, which is a very nice plus. The boss fights are also a lot better executed. Beyond the normal FPS gameplay, we of course have our different "classes", that all feel very different and have a unique playstyle attached to each of them. Each class has different abilites (with one main ability) that you can customize to suit your playstyle. This game feels a lot more open than the first BL in terms of ability-customization, which is a very welcome change. Let's also not forget the gazillion guns that are in the game, you'll find an insane amount of weapons in this game, so finding a gun to your liking should not be a problem. The story/quests in the game is in good ol' Borderlands style, insane, funny and extremly enjoyable. You'll find interesting NPC's all over the place, aswell as some purely hillarious one-liners from time to time. Other than that, the game is your traditional RPG-shooter, it doesn't revolutionize the RPG/FPS genre in any way, you will still be shooting monsters and doing quests to level up and gain new abilites, but it does it all VERY well, nearing perfection in my opinion. The game of course shines in CO-OP mode, so bring your friends along for an extremly enjoyable gameplay experience, I sure as hell will :)