Reviews by Kopok


Die, die better, then triumph!

Kopok | Nov. 20, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition EU (1) - PC

Finally a really challenging game! And the incredible thing is that the more you die, the more you want to get back and die again until you are able to perform the perfect fight. You can actually feel you are becoming stronger while playing and dying again and again. Not only because you get new skill points and equipment, but because yourself as a player get better. Each time you fail, you learn enemy patterns, when to counter, when to dodge, and when you finally win (if you ever do) you can be proud of yourself and not of a new bigger sword. The beginning can feel weird if you too are used to be taken by the hand and shown what you have to do. Yet, by now, plenty of internet guides can help you when you are desperate. Finally, a word about the level design. It is huge! The world is really vast but there is no big wasteland that artificially enlarge it. Every place is filled with enemies and various secrets, and dozens of paths connects almost everything to everything. One warning yet, Dark Souls is really destined to gamer. You will need perseverance and time to get to the end.


Really great game

Kopok | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of LA Noire The Complete Edition Steam - PC

The atmosphere is incredible. Face's animation makes it very hard to go back to any other game and provides vivid interrogations. The only flaws I can see concern the action phases (shootings, car pursuits, ...) wich feel very slow and repetitive. Yet, they are not the center of the game, so this problem is not a big one. This game is definitely worth it if you are willing to use your brain and you like that mid-20th century ambiance.