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Underrated in my opinion (recommend a controler)

Koska | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Overlord Complete Pack (1) - PC

Overlord is game in which you control the evil (or less evil) Overlord and his minion army. The minions are all specialized to fill certain roles, and you can switch which type you control as well as well as assign them a set position to set up a defensive/suppressing point. Your minions don't get to have all the fun though. Your Overlord can be customized slightly with weapons, upgraded armor (more via Raising Hell ex. pack), and spells found in different areas. Overlord 2, I will be brief about because I haven't played it very much before. Better camera control, minions seem more responsive to threats (reds), and the graphics are better than Overlord, but that's to be expected.