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Excelent expansion, but heathens are overpowered!

Kosmonaut | June 11, 2013 | Review of Crusader Kings II The Old Gods - PC

This is so far, my favorite expansion for Crusader Kings II. Ironically, although the game is focused on viking's paganism, I have had so much fun playing challenging games as Zoroastran. But something that I have noticed is that, even with all the odds against them, some of the pagan groups tend to be overpowered, or have mechanics that are easily exploitable. With Paradox, and with each expansion, it's almost expected that the part updated by the DLCs tend to be overpowered, but this is very noticeable with heathens. Also, and this has happened since the introduction of retinues: this kind of army can destroy easily other armies, like mercs and vassal's levies. The most infamous example is the skirmish retinues, that can siege holdings in such a record time that I'm able to fill the War Score upt to 100% and the enemy is still organizing its army. Is amazing, Overall, it's a good, solid expansion, highly enjoyable and well worth the price. The best Crusader King II expansion so far.