Reviews by Kranitoko


Brilliant! Better than Arkham Asylum!

Kranitoko | Dec. 5, 2011 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

I worried how Arkham City could top the brilliance that was Arkham Asylum, but then I got this game and it was pure gold. Whilst it's not my game of the year, the game is really good at making you feel like you are actually Batman! Almost everything has been improved. And I particularly love how the game feels different from any other in the sense of abilities, for example in the first game of a series, you may have powered up so much, and then the sequel would arrive and your powers would have drained by something. Batman doesn't do that and instead, a lot of your abilities you earned in Arkham Asylum you seem to have on you at the time you get the Batsuit. Of course you don't have everything because Bruce probably wasn't prepared for what happened to him. The ending is really surprising too. One you probably won't see coming.


Better Than Oblivion

Kranitoko | Nov. 18, 2011 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - PC

I had this game bought for me, and at first, I wasn't too excited about this game for the fact that I really did not enjoy Oblivion. Playing Skyrim, I can honestly say that this is one of the most enjoyable games I have played this year! There are a few bugs, but they're hardly noticeable. Except the jumping part. There is so much to do, such as side quests, main quests, crafting, leveling, getting married, looting, thieving and so much more! Is it the Game of the Year? Quite possibly!


Sonic Generations - A Flaws, but Enjoyable Game

Kranitoko | Nov. 7, 2011 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

Since I already wrote my massive review, this will be somewhat brief. The good parts about Sonic Generations is how colorful it is, and that every level has replay value, even if the game is rather short itself. The skills are a rather unique feature, and there are a lot of unique challenges to be completed. There's always many collectables to find, and who doesn't love them, eh? The bad points is that you may encounter a few bugs, where the frame rate may drop at high speeds, you may fall through the ground unexpectedly, and one other thing... oh yes, it's the fact that the entire PC port is merely the Xbox 360 version. With that in mind, the PC port screams to be played using a PC controller, but if you do happen to play using a keyboard, be sure to choose good custom keys, as the default ones are just plain silly. The game may be flawed, but it's still fun!