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Really addictive and fun with good players!

Kromper | Aug. 21, 2013 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

This kind of game is really rare, you're commanding an airship with a crew, trying to destroy the other team :D It's just awesome and original. The community is also more alive than Air Buccaneers', which is very important if you actually want to play. If you're in a good team, and your crew is experienced and social, you can have hours and hours of fun. But if the crew sucks, then it's kind of a drag. But hey, it's not the game's fault that there are anti-social people around. This game offers a nice co-op experience, lots of action and hours of gameplay together. The price however is a bit too much for what it currently offers, but the dev team is awesome and they add free updates with new ships and maps every now and then. It's almost worth 15€, but if it drops, its a must have!