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Okay, not great or ANYTHING like the early Residnent Evil games

Krypto_Dogg | June 3, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil Revelations Post - PC

Opinions are subjective, so I'll say what I can say objectively to help a purchase though opinion may still seep in. First, this is a mobile game and it shows. It looks graphically like a PS2 game with low resolution models and textures. Perhaps the only character that looks highly detailed is Jill. The game is broken down into bite sized chunks, so any action or puzzling can be taken care of in 20 minutes or less. No real exploration is needed, there is a mini-map that will even tell you what doors you can open once you get a key. Aside from keys there is no puzzling to speak of really except for mini-games. The game starts out slow, which is perhaps the reason why people keep comparing this to RE 1-3, but the first side episodes ft. Chris and about the halfway of the main campaign the action picks up and it will remind of you a Resident Evil 5 with less interesting backgrounds as the pace of the game picks up and it becomes a shooter until the end, with plenty of ammo included, especially when you have the Genesis scanner. The swimming scenes are actually cool, the only aspect I perhaps like more than 6 would be the swimming as it takes less effort in Resident Evil 6, though 6's perhaps feels more realistic. The game time is fairly decent as the original few Resident Evil games had fairly short playthroughs, but the level of polish is not quite good enough for a console release. That includes writing, gameplay (controls, etc), nor graphical detail are worth the full purchase price for this game.