Reviews by LShun


Unrivaled shooting game!

LShun | Feb. 7, 2015 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

Its been some time, before I went into this game I often go into MOBA games. Things has now changed, I started to play the competitive matches and all of the member's are friendly, the community is so much better than some of the games out there. This is what a FPS game should be like, Communication, communication and communication! Except for that, the superb graphics and how the bullet responds to every of your killing blow is fascinating, Counter Strike really put some physics and not make everyone in the team a muscular 20-year's trained FBI with little to no much recoil to spamming rounds of bullets. The slowdown effect of getting squeezed in by a bullet really matter's between life and death, the armor is much more real as some bullets can easily penetrate thick armor with a few accurate shots. Fierce bullets like those generated by the unmatched AWP can go through windows and doors or even kill 2 people at once! This game really make the details shine! I really recommend this game to anyone who like to play with a team of great communication and enjoyment!


Great 2D Platforming MOBA game!

LShun | Jan. 7, 2015 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

Awesomenauts is a very special MOBA game, instead of those games who put their camera to the top of your character, this game put it at the side of your character. This is a very unique experience for those gamer's out there. The game splits 6 player's into Red and Blue team, each with the mission to destroy the enemies main structure while protecting themselves's structures. The tower, have very high damage per second, making solo combat is impossible even when end-game. This game really makes your small robot friends shine! The game have many playable character's and each have different skills unlocked through levelling up by playing the game. I really recommend this game to anyone who is interested in a different experience on the same genre of game. There are negatives, however, it have a small player base. Unless you invite some friends to join you, you will probably be playing with a full team of bots on your and the opponent team, for most of the day. I really recommend this game as it is nicely priced, and packing loads of fun.


Monkeys with a blast!

LShun | Jan. 3, 2015 | Review of Gun Monkeys - PC

Gun Monkeys is a very nice game with a blast of great graphics. The file size is small, which makes it suitable even for those who have slow internet ( for example, me, 0.38mbps download speed ). The tutorial is great but unfortunately not the best out there, you have to check out the controls by yourself since it won't write there. The graphics are very shiny and with too much glow, for some people it might be great, however, it doesn't suit with me. The system requirements are quite low as long as you don't crank it up to high, which is quite taxing.even for a mainstream laptop. The monkeys are not like monkey, however, I can see the effort behind this game. It also have trading cards and achievements, which makes the game more rewarding as it progresses. Overall, it is a very vibrant and fun game to play. The game arms your monkeys with a chunk of weapons to blast your enemies off in a fun way. However, I hope they make the monkey's slightly faster. When it is on sale, it packs more value with fun. However, even when not on sale, I think this game is quite worth it.


Sufficiently hard

LShun | Oct. 16, 2014 | Review of Hitman Absolution Elite Edition (1) - PC

The first game, which impressed me so much when I came across a store selling computers. My first impression is this game is going to be amazing if I could try it out. On the last Steam Summer sale, Hitman:Absolution had a 90% discount if I am not mistaken. I quickly bought the Elite Edition because it was far cheaper than before. The game is awesome, packing loads of firepower, nice graphics and loads of people. I feel very lucky and grateful to buy this game. It turns out to be surprisingly beautiful. But even though the beautiful is there, the disguise system work in a more real-life and threatening way, it seems like people finally know who their workers are after so long. Of course, this adds a significant difficulty to the game. However, from the perspective view of system, it appears to put a very heavy load, to the computer. That might be because I played in High settings? Anyway, this game is great, but not flawless. The gameplay feels linear, the controls feel pretty like a robot. The graphics, in some cases, it makes the great look terrible thanks to the lightning. I feel very pleased about this game, and I would try out Purist difficulty later on. This game is amazing, my first and final impression.


A well-built FPS game

LShun | July 19, 2014 | Review of Counter Strike Global Offensive - PC

Counter Strike Global Offensive, is a new game for the Counter Strike series that features improvements over the old Counter Strike. The graphics feel a lot nicer compared to previous games, but still loses to Counter Strike: Source in some situations. The weapons and skins available throughout the updates is great. However, graphics feel a little dark, so raising the brightness might help in situations where sniper's are almost invisible in the dark. The fast game-play and the new radar makes things even more interesting and challenging. The guns and textures are realistic. The community is also very friendly. Overall, this is a very good game and worth it for 14.99. I would like to see more improvements in the future and happy with this game.