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Laini | Feb. 12, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

The game starts strongly, your first Xeno encounter is great, very tense and really builds up the atmosphere. But once that's done with it quickly degenerates into a bog standard FPS with the Aliens license, rather than a real Aliens game. You gun them down by the bucket load within the first 20 minutes and it never lets up. Switching to a different enemy type later just exacerbates the problem. Like FPS games and you'll probably enjoy this. It's far from perfect but it's competent. The multiplayer has shades of Left 4 Dead and could provide a lot of fun. For fans of Aliens hoping for the "true sequel to James Cameron’s classic Aliens" prepare to be very disappointed. The Aliens are never presented as a threat, completely missing the point of all the films. Even AvP got that right!