Reviews by Lamcia


Game of the year (get lost, skyrim!)

Lamcia | Nov. 20, 2011 | Review of Saints Row The Third - PC

After SR, and SR2, i was skeptical about this game, BUT GOD, I WAS SO WRONG! Every aspect of this game is better than GTA4, no boring dates if your buddies, changing enivorment, ZOMBIES!!! This game is new standard in sandbox GTAlike games, rockstar, i hope GTAV will be half as good as SR3!



Lamcia | Nov. 20, 2011 | Review of Men of War Red Tide - PC

I was a big fan of the FoW and SOLDIERS, but what they've done with MoW, it's just a very, very bad game, with boring missions, and poor controls. Don't play it, kill it with fire!



Lamcia | Aug. 9, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Pirates - PC

Arrr! Don't be afraid of scurvy my mates, if you ever wanted to be a pirate, this is the best opportunity to be one! This not-so-fresh-remake-of-the-older-game is still THE BEST pirate sim ever made by human hands arr! This game have everything you ever wanted, beautiful daughters of the governors, city raids, seafights, sneaking to the enemy fortresses, AND LOADS OF GOLD AND RUM, ARR!


Just rating the beta...

Lamcia | Aug. 8, 2011 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

So guys, this game is like a korean MMO, grind for ship plans, REZ, and when the zombies appear, goons. But wait a second, why zombies are SWARMING LIKE A KITTENS?! At some point, it's impossible to stop em, and if you didn't max out the shields, and cannons, you're just a dead meat. So this game is pretty imbalanced right now, and it's all about mindless grind, but i sorta like it, waiting for the full version.