Reviews by Laudes


Weird PnC but with lots of references!

Laudes | May 17, 2013 | Review of Wallace and Gromits Grand Adventures - PC

I like PnC (point and click) adventure games, and this was absolutely a game of the type I wanted. So I grabbed this and played the first two episodes, I didn't play the rest because I was simply not very impressed by how the game worked. It's very charmy with Wallace And Gromit (I'm not sure why you would ever want to play this if you have never seen the TV show before). It has it's golden moments, but for me it was not really the best PnC game. It's absolutely worth your money on sale if you're into puzzle/PnC games. I thought the puzzles were extremely illogical, but I've read lots of people online thought it was too easy (this is a review of my opinion, I am aware, but I'm just stating this not to make any confusion). I am a extemely bad puzzle solver, and I kind of have problems thinking out of the box in cases like this. Other people might not have this problem and therefore you will go on in the game, I was just stuck on every part of the game having to relate to walkthroughs. As said before I suck at puzzles, and this game was probably too puzzle-y for me. However I always found the solutions very absurd and illogical, but as said before other people might not think the same of the tricky parts. The game is as I said before very charmy, and I love some of the things they say, and I recommend this game to anyone who likes PnC (and know how to solve puzzles) and have seen the show before!


Much bang for the buck!

Laudes | May 4, 2013 | Review of 10000000 - PC

I'm not a big fan of bejeweled and all those kinds of games, however this game cought my eye, and I bought it as soon as it was released. It's extremely fun to play, chilled out at the same time as you're trying to hurry up and get those blocks in the right place. I've heard friends who played this out in the time I've spent in total, and I'm not even half done yet! I may not be very good at this, but that doesn't matter so much, the game is very fun and well designed, and the music is extremely RETRO! The entire game is retro-oldschool fusion. And I recommend anyone liking small games like bejeweled or any other like that to buy this. It's also an indie game, which makes it even more worth your time!



Laudes | May 4, 2013 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

This game is inspired by a lot. The game has references to all sorts of games, religion, terrorism, all sorts of weird things. At first I looked at this game and thought "why would anyone pay for a game looking like a flash game?" But when I actually started playing it, I was hooked up. I've played for over 100 hours, and I'm still not tired of running around trying to get to the last boss. The game is extremely hard with the expansion pack on, and I recommend anyone new to the game to NOT buy the expansion pack before you've completely completed the game alone. The expansion pack adds tons of new insane items, but the game overall gets so much harder, it's still far easier to play it without the DLC. It's old school styled, fun as hell, lots of replayability (about infinite, as you can do your own challenges using Cheat Engine, give yourself some items, forbid yourself to use item rooms, see how long you can last! - this can be done forever, infinite amounts of item combinations waiting for your disposal!) The game is a must-buy at this price, I've had so much fun with this!



Laudes | May 4, 2013 | Review of FEAR (1) - PC

I'm not the biggest fan of horror games, however I did enjoy playing F.E.A.R 2, and I picked this game up aswell as the third game on some sale. This game was just disappointing for me, I can see why others like it. Atleast if they like it because of the nostalgia feel it gives them, having not played this game when it was initially released, I don't really find any reason to play this. As someone else stated before me, this game feels dated. It wasn't scary for me, mostly just creepy and annoying, I couldn't wait for the game to end. I like the second game more then this one, and that might be because that one is newer, and nothing actually scared me in this game.


The best game I have ever played

Laudes | May 4, 2013 | Review of To The Moon - PC

To be honest, this is the best game I have ever played. The gameplay may not be all that good, since there is not much gameplay to the game. And the gameplay that is actually there, is lame and quite boring. It is extremely obvious they added that "gameplay" just to make the game become more of a game then a interactive movie. The most interaction you will have is walking around. This is not a downside for me, I love the game the way it is, and I wouldn't change it even a tiny bit, it's perfect. The soundtrack, oh God the soundtrack! It's the best game soundtrack ever created! I love it, I actually listen to the soundtrack on youtube sometimes, long after I've played the game out. Without this amazing music, I don't know what this game would be. I could relate to the characters in the game, I could see myself being John, the main character. The game is so emotionally moving for me, I cried tons when playing the game, and I did it all in one 4-hour long play, non stop. I couldn't stop and leave the story waiting. I'm extremely excited to see the follow up game(s) come soon from them!


Good game overall

Laudes | May 4, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Complete Pack Steam - PC

This game was epic for me, the way the combat worked was extremely fun, and I enjoyed the entire game except the ending. I would never spoil it, I just did not like the ending, I thought it was incomplete. I'm sure others like that kind of ending, but I sure don't. The rest of the game weighs over the endings badness, so I would absolutely buy it again in a second life, if that is a reasonable expression. I don't think this should be compared to GTA or Saints Row, it may be simlar in game-style, but story wise and everything else, it's not the same. The world is way less open then in GTA and Saints Row, but it's open enough for this game. The DLCS are not worth it at all in my opinion, they add some replayability to the game, so I suppose they might be fun if you're into doing stuff like that. I'm not one of those people however, I have far too many games to play out to bother playing through all of these DLCS. It's worth to try them out though, in my opinon.


An amazing adventure!

Laudes | May 4, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

I'm a adventure player, I enjoy those really good adventure games. However I am not a big fan of buying AAA games all the time that has the mark "Adventure" on the side. This game is a true adventure with a thrilling story. The combat is very innovative and it was far more enjoyable then the standard *point - click - kill enemies*. I found the game extremely hard, however when I had completed the game I got an achievment for playing the game on Hard! Well with that being said, if you're looking for a challenge the Hard difficulty setting sure is hard, however not impossible. I found myself running around doing about nothing just to get to a place where I had to be at, which I got a little bit frustrated about. Of course, every game is more or less like that, they add small things to make the game last longer. The game wasn't that long anyway, it took me 11 hours to complete it. Of course it has a TON of replayability with all the cofee-cans and manuscript pages, and God knows what you can collect! The TV shows and small extras around the game is interesting at times, but in total I would say those are also just a waste of time to make the game last longer for people interested in such. But, other games like Deus EX and Skyrim, all has for example emails and books to read throughout the world. Think of these TV-Shows and radio programs as such, but a little bit more interesting I would say. A must buy for adventure players! The soundtrack is great aswell, lots of good music.