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An excellent addition to the LEGO realm of games

Laxaem | July 2, 2013 | Review of LEGO Lord of the Rings NA - PC

LEGO The Lord of the Rings is a fantastic addition to the lego franchise and anyone who loves the Lord of The Rings trilogy should seriously consider this game. This is a free roam game where to go to a mission you have to travel to the place in middle earth where it actually happened. For example, to get to throw the ring into Mount Doom you have to travel to Mount Doom. A new edition to the franchise is instead of the usual mumbling of the characters they take voice clips from the movies and you will forget the characters are lego figures and think you're playing through the journey to destroy the ring to rule them all. The story takes about 5 hours to finish, which is a little quick but including the collectables, 10 mini kits, one blacksmith recipe, and three treasures a mission, plus the red bricks for quests giving you special abilities will add tons of hours onto it. There's not to much wrong with this game except for the few glitches that happened to me in the middle of missions where I couldn't get out of a space and made me restart the mission. I also wish there were checkpoints, since in some missions mini kits spawn in places where if you miss it there's no going back. In all LEGO Lord of the Rings is a spectacular game and well worth the price.